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How the flow of user authentication will be implemented when using oauth +openID like facebook and google with our own login system?

Aniketh Saha's photo
Aniketh Saha
·Jun 17, 2018

I am making a e commerce website using laravel at server and javascript/jquery at front end(just client demand😭). Now i have implement the laravel authentication system and have two option "login witb facebook" and "login with google". Now the system is working like(the authentications with oauths are working) but now when creating the user who are coming from facebook or google login I am not having there password and other details like mobile no. Etc... Now what should be the flow here , how the whole system gonna work? I did was after user logged in with facebook or google i will check the db with tha email and name if present then I will do the laravel login with those details but I dont have password!!!!.this is problem no.1 . Now when the user is not present in db then should I create them? And also if I have the facebook auth token or google auth token then How can I use these along with the laravel session or any other suggestion . NEED HELP