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How to create a single admin user without registration and all the other stuff typically seen in an authentication workflow?

Martin Conde's photo
Martin Conde
·Dec 19, 2017

I am developing a simple product catalogue in nodejs. Nothing spectacular, basically a standard express site with some forms for crud operations of the products. Now those forms should only be visible to the admin so just one single account.

I have used passportJS so far but the way it would be now is:

  1. Create the registration form
  2. Have the registered user (the admin) have access to everything
  3. Delete the registration functionality and form from the site

Thats not how this is supposed to work is it? ;) I just need a single admin user to access the forms. nothing else.

How can I add that user while still being secure? I was thinking to use authentication and login form setup with PassportJS and inject the user directly via the Mongoshell. I am just honestly to inexperienced to know if that is the totally wrong/insecure approach or not.

Any pointers would be highly appreciated since every single tutorial I have come across so far "only" shows how to create the whole register/login system.