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How to create child in contentful?

Mikk Küttim's photo
Mikk Küttim
·Jun 14, 2019

Hi! Hope you guys have good friday so far.

I have a website written in gatsby that grabs some copy from contentful, I'm having some difficulties with graphql query which has child in it, and I'm not entirely sure how to approach to that on contentful side, could anybody help me?

My graphql query:

 query HeadingQuery {
          allContentfulCareer(filter: { active: { eq: true } }) {
            edges {
              node {
                childContentfulCareerDescriptionTextNode {
                  childMarkdownRemark {

But I'm getting an error:

Unknown field 'childContentfulCareerDescriptionTextNode' on type 'ContentfulCareer'. Source: document `HeadingQuery` file: `GraphQL request Any ideas?