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How to create easier relationships using Neo4j

It can be tedious creating relationships with relational and non-relational databases like SQL and Mongodb. That's where the power of Neo4j comes into action. This is a graph database that aims to simplify the process of creating relationships . A good knowledge of Neo4j can be seen on their homepage.The query language of Neo4j is Cypher , which is very simple and easy to use . You can download from here, follow the guide and enjoy their inbuilt Neo4j browser application on localhost:7474. Plug in my code from codepen below , paste into your Neo4j desktop browser and see the magic .

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You can read the docs to learn more .

Neo4j can also be used for recommendation of friends like Facebook.Wow!

Easy as Neo4j. Since You follow success , i am very delighted to see the recommendation .

I use Neo4j-driver to setup with Nodejs. You can also dive into it here.

I hope I have been able to give an easy guide on how easy Neo4j can be used to create relationships .

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