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How to find a career in computer science/technology.

How to find a career in computer science/technology.

Onyinye Isicheli's photo
Onyinye Isicheli
·Nov 15, 2020·

3 min read

When considering a career in computer science /technology, its common to have a lot of unanswered questions in your head. The most bugging question happens to be the best area of specialization for you as there are a lot of spheres in the computer science world. Instead of wasting your time jumping into a specific area, it is best to explore for a period of time to find your interest or passion. This is because If you don’t have any real passion, you will eventually run out of motivation.

Below are steps that can guide you in choosing a career in technology

1.Attend tech meetups or meetings

Firstly, it is advisable to find an efficient tech community to belong to and during this period they would assist you with resources, materials and guidance that would help you grow while discovering your career path. They can also serve as mentors to assist you as you embark on a tech career but if you are not assigned a mentor or you want a certain person as a mentor, it's best you ask the person directly and be upfront with your needs.

2.Explore more on the area that interest you

We know that we do better when we are learning more about what grasps our interest the most. In tech we have so many areas which are Web development, software development,data science, product design etc.Exploring your area of specialization gives you more insight on what you really what to do.

3.Take courses on the area you have chosen

Enrolling in a course whether online or physical learning will help you not to feel lost or confused about what to do next once you start.You’ll gain valuable skills from any degree, and you’re more likely to be driven to succeed if you have a strong interest in that area particularly when you are given assignments, projects or even problems to solve and held accountable.We also know that we need certificates for future reference.

4.Contribute to an open source community

This will test your ability to communicate clearly about technology, an essential skill for tech professionals.The open source movement needs people to help stamp out bugs, write documentation and lend a hand in other ways. Any contribution will help you make contacts and learn about the techie life.

5.Work on projects

Experiment and have fun while working on projects. These projects will help you learn more and even discover some things you wouldn't on your own because most technical projects require you working in teams. During the project there will be lots of problem solving, hence, enhancing your knowledge on that particular area of specialization.

6.Explore job opportunities

While trying to figure out your career path, try to sustain the few skills you have garnered during the period by taking jobs that you can do especially freelance jobs as this would help you become better and eventually discover your interest and your area of expertise.