How to learn developer logic?

Hey guys,

First off I'm a design agency founder, I completely love great and beautiful design you can find us here But my real dream is to be able to not only design the apps but actually build them. I constantly like to drip my feet into development and have gotten pretty well versed in HTML, CSS, and even react native to build the front-end. Meaning I can put together enough code to show the design, But when it comes to adding the business logic I have no idea what code to implement or even what is available to me to implement. I went through most courses on Codeacademy but I feel like I need to know why something works before I can use it. And Codeacademy just spoons feeds you a solution. Is there books to read to understand the logic behind solutions? Are there courses or video to learn from? My main goal is mobile app development. Mainly react native. Any thoughts would help.

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Hi there, As our friend Siddharth Vishvanath (Sid) said, the only way to learn that is by practice. Develop some projects of your own and figure out how to make every feature you need. For instance, you can create a classical tasks app. Or an app where you can log in and keep the store, stuff like that. Remember this is a superpower and you can make anything you can imagine! Just let it flow.

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Yeah, exactly a superpower.

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The only way to learn logic is by practice. You need to build small apps using react native and then slowly you could get the logic understanding. Maybe data structures could give you some ideas about logic handling. Basic languages like C and Java are good languages to build up the basics of any programming language.

I also wanted to add another point. Brainstorming can help in bringing out new ideas, especially when you start from scratch. I recommend watching Live Code with Jesse on youtube, free code camp channel. Watch from the start of a project, so you will get an idea of how they break down features and other things necessary while building from the base.

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Hi I graduated as an electronics engineer sand now I work as Web Developer. I think the best way to learn is through working on simple projects.

I also have my own YouTube channel where I create simple projects to learn more into programming. Check it out here -

I have also shared my story here -

Thank you :) Disha