Prolonged sitting is a problem for all of us. An ergonomic office chair is a good tool but I not yet found the perfect one.

Recommend any? And, what do you recommend for good posture?

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Forget the special chair and start workout, walk and stretch out every morning. Your back pain is an indication that you miss those things and instead of hiding the problem you can reduce it.

A good chair is good of course, but it's not everything. I worked a year on an old wooden chair that was closer to break down than my body and with this strategy I never had any back problems.

If you are still looking for a chair Kinnarps make some very good ones.

But one hour walk every day and a little bit of back stretching and you will feel like a new person with much more energy to work too :-)

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Drink a lot of water, so every one hour you got to walk to the rest room :P

Humans were invented to move not to sit

Our bodies were invented by the nature to move, to hunt, to be flexible, not to sit

Practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wushu, or any martial arts, or just do workouts, exercises, walking, running, cycling, skiing. Find your style. Keep exploring. I also do prefer walking to/from office and not using any transport or car until there is no hurricane, 20m snow or you are really tired.

Always move your butt out of the office every lunchtime. If restaurant is nearby take longer routes, if there are any parks you can spend some time there. It's true not only when you want to eat, but when you can't work or have stress. Sitting in the office won't help you if you stuck, just go out there and, maybe, fresh air will give you an answer.

Peace comes from within, don't seek it outside

You don't need B for A. You don't need any magic chair to be healthy. Moreover, it will never help you. Never seek for inner balance, peace, health outside. It is always and only inside. Many people go to doctors, believe in this magic and things outside their own body and mind which will somehow solve their problems. People just became too lazy and weak. Doctors or anyone else will never help you until you won't change your mind and lifestyle and when you will - you won't need anyone else.

Just move and move a lot.

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Wow, you've a got a way healthier lifestyle than me :p Congrats on it, i think i will copy you on some of those habits (the stretching at the end of day sounds good :))

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I have a standing desk at the office and a treadmill desk at home. If you get a standing desk, most recent studies are finding that a combination of sitting and standing is best for your health. So, shop for something that can do both.

Work at a place that offers free massages.

Back to reality:

  1. Position the items you work with to be at a non-straining position. (i.e. monitor height, chair height, lean angle on chair, etc.
  2. Lift weights. Bone density is lost every year. Your muscles need to be worked. It makes everything better.
  3. Stretch. Get into yoga! Was a dream for me after having a terrible back injury.
  4. Hydrate and try to lay off things like an excess of coffee (Difficult! I know!), pain medication...basically anything that will cause inflammation of your joints. There are body friendly supplements like tumeric pills that help.
  5. Get a massage once in a while. Our bodies were not created to sit still for extended amounts of time. Treat yourself every so often. Pretend it's your birthday!

Best wishes & hope you feel better :)

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