I want to create an web application and deploy it. Is it possible to run it without web server?

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Is it possible to get a book from a library without a library?

Is it possible to access an Internet without a computer?

Is it possible to talk to another person if you the only person on Earth?

And I want to get 1 billion USD without moving my lazy butt. You may wishfully think whatever you want, you will never get it.

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Please google the definition of "computer". I used this specific term and not a PC/Mac/Laptop/whatever.

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A server is just that, a piece of (hardware or) software which serves content to the network. If you do not have a server, there is nothing which makes the app available, hence no webapp. So, you need server!

If you just want to make your webapp available, depending on the backend language, you have different options. There are a lot of hosters out there, which let you upload PHP and NodeJS applications. Also, a lot of cloud providers let you run a dedicated application, no need for OS management. However, you might need to get a virtual or even dedicated computer, which you have to configure yourself, if you cannot host your webapp backend any other way (for example if you are using a binary server application).

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Question is really vague like others said. I'll just guess you're talking about "serverless" apps which are not completely without server :) Because as soon as something is online (and I guess you don't want to distribute it by post) it is on some server.

However, term "server" is wide. It can be a peace of rented hardware with OS (virtual or not, shared hosting or dedicated) or it can be a "service" like Amazon S3, Contentful, etc.

The later, recently is considered to NOT be a "server" but a service (although, server is behind it). That said, you can have a serverless app by mixing different services and technologies together like AWS S3 for static site hosting + Javascript/React for app code that fully runs on client side. In this case you only need static site hosting or some service like Netlify or AWS S3 to host it staticaly. Hell, you don't even need that, you can send it as a zip file via email in theory. So it runs fully on client, you only need Internet to download it.

Of course, without a database and connection to other online services (like email, facebook, etc) it will not do much (offline or online). So you can expand it with services like AWS Lambda + AWS API Gateway + AWS DynamoDB to build complex apps with dtabase and API backends, etc. It would be still considered "serverless" because you would base it on "services" and not "servers" but in practice, behind every service at the end there is a server :)

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No, there is no way a server is required to have your web application files online.

If you just need a hosting or a free hosting you may try an account from webdo.com

and next the ide.webdo.com that will allow to edit and host an AngularJS or React web application.

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Hi Mario,

"No, there is no way a server is required to have your web application files online."

I already said that is no way to run a web-app without a server, I offered a solution for somebody who does not have a server and need one.

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May be, explain your use case better! :)

  • What sort of application is it?
  • Which technology does it use?
  • Why do you think you need web server?
  • Who are the consumers of this web app?

Once you answer these, we can help you better.

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