HTTP request with ES6 tagged templates

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ES6 template literals are one of my favorite features in es6. A few days ago I saw an open source project on github - htm, there are also hyperHTML and, possibly, several other projects also.And I decided to create such a thing to perform AJAX requests.

By the way, package uses node-fetch for node.js and whatwg-fetch for client javascript

Source in github vaheqelyan/karin

Do you think this is a good idea ?


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Looks good. But I'm gonna stick with Axios. Even fetch doesn't have all the features of axios.

One or the other day if I need a feature from axios, I'll need to use both right? So I'll stick with axios

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I'm not sure I see the benefit. Don't I loose all help from my editors intellisense and code completion if I do it like this? I can already do things like fetch(`${user}`)

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Great. But like above comment. I recommend axios. Cookie, proxy, headers, ...

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Great idea! I'd love to contribute!

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