I am Francesc Campoy Flores. Ask me anything.

I’m the VP of Developer Relations at source{d}.

I have a passion for developer relations, specifically when it comes to Go and anything that can help developers be more productive and happier.

Previously, I was a Developer Advocate for the Go team at Google and for Google Cloud Platform. I’ve been working closely with the Go team at Google since 2012, and my goal has always been to make the language as accessible as possible to everyone.

In this page you will find the projects I’ve worked on, such as my YouTube series justforfunc, as well as some of my GitHub repos, blog posts, and some of the talks I’ve given over the years.

Ask Francesc Campoy Flores about:

  • Golang
  • Golang tooling
  • Machine learning in general and machine learning on code
  • Open source
  • Justforfunc Youtube channel

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What programming advice would you give to a 10-year-old Francesc? ;)

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VP of Product & DevRel at source{d} - #MLonCode #CodeAsData #golang #justforfunc

Code as much as possible in as many languages as possible and have fun!

Programming is all about creativity :)

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What is your favorite thing/feature from the Go2Draft?

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VP of Product & DevRel at source{d} - #MLonCode #CodeAsData #golang #justforfunc

It is indeed kind of hard to do it here! hehe

First the things I like about both is the fact that at the end of the day, no matter which one you're using you can always end up exposing the vendor directory therefore letting your users simply use your code without having to care about your choice for dependency management.

On the other side dep is not integrated into the go tooling as much as modules (for reasons that belong more to political rather than technical conversations). This means that eventually everyone will be able to use modules natively without having to have an extra tool ... and we know programmers are lazy!

So yeah, I'd say modules and dep are both solutions to the same problem, but given the fact that modules is already integrated with the official Go tooling I do not think dep will be popular for much longer.

And that makes me a bit sad, because the team of gophers behind dep is amazing! Great people and great coders. The show must go on, as they say.

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Hey, Francesc thanks for the AMA and the justforfunc episode on Go modules. I would love to know your take on dep vs go modules and maybe go a little deeper into the differences between the two approaches. And please feel free to do a dedicated justforfunc episode for it, if it's difficult to do it here.

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VP of Product & DevRel at source{d} - #MLonCode #CodeAsData #golang #justforfunc

Since I joined source{d} I've been doing more and more data science and machine learning ... which has driven me back to Python.

I would have loved to be able to write those things in Go too ... but unfortunately things like tensorflow and pandas are not available in Go.

Ok, tensorflow kinda is ... but not really, you can't do any training with it anyway. Gorgonia is worth having a look and I think it might eventually become a great option but the biggest challenge on using it right now is it's documentation.

So ... I guess I want pandas in Go? It could be called gophers! 😅

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Hey Francesc,

Thanks for the AMA!

Can you describe how your average day at work looks like? Do you even have those days 😄

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VP of Product & DevRel at source{d} - #MLonCode #CodeAsData #golang #justforfunc

See you maybe at FOSDEM, then!

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What is your favourite project written in Go?

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VP of Product & DevRel at source{d} - #MLonCode #CodeAsData #golang #justforfunc

github.com/golang/go :)