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I am Jake Brukhman. Ask me anything.

I am a technologist with a background in mathematics and computer science and experience in distributed systems, web development, product management, private equity research, and startups.

My current interests are in the area of blockchain technologies and decentralized systems. I am a co-founder of CoinFund, a blockchain research company and private investment vehicle focused on the blockchain space.
Previously, I was Partner & CTO at Triton Research, technical product manager and engineer at, and spent 5 years in financial technology in New York City.

In my spare time, I work on technology projects and cycle through creative endeavors such as art and writing.

Ask Jake Brukhman about:

  • Developing Dapps
  • The Future of Bitcoin
  • Crypto Economics
  • Current state of Blockchain
  • Advice for Blockchain developers
  • Other similar topics

Thank you for your questions! Follow me on Twitter @jbrukh and CoinFund @coinfund_io.

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Do you think eventually all countries or central banks will create their own cryptocurrency?

The currencies of most countries are largely digital already. If cryptocurrency becomes the foremost currency technology, this outcome is possible, even likely.

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Hi Jake, What according to you makes a “Good” Token?

Tokens are not inherently good or bad, but an effective token might be one that helps a cryptoeconomic system accurately and securely perform its purpose, and perhaps that purpose is useful to the world. In some cases, tokens are used as an investment exposure mechanism — in that case an effective token is one that captures the economic value one is trying to get exposure to.

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Hi Jake, Thanks for the AMA.

As a crypto economist, why do you think the value of coins of almost every blockchain company is decreasing? Do you think inflationary model is flawed? Do you think apps didn't get enough time to prove themselves?

Thanks for the question, I am hardly an economist, I am much more a technologist or cryptofinancial analyst. :)

I think the value of blockchain assets is decreasing because prices today are not driven by fundamental value but by sentiment. And sentiment is down on most assets in today’s market.

I don’t think any given model is necessarily flawed. All models have their application spaces. Livepeer has a super interesting inflationary cryptoeconomics with variable inflation rates based on network participation — that’s super fascinating and interesting.

No one has built a proper mainstream app yet. CryptoKitties came slightly close, but not there yet. We’ll need to spend some more time on base layers and infrastructure and middleware in order to be able to create proper mainstream user experiences.

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Are decentralized and open source protocols going to be more significant than their web equivalent in the near future?

We don’t know, but that is the fundamental thesis of folks who are studying, building, and investing in open source (decentralized) protocols.

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Thanks for the AMA, Jake! Do you think "Decentralized Communities" are the future?

We’ve been living with decentralized communities on the internet for years. If they are the future, then we are living in it. :)

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