I am planning to intern at a startup very soon. What is something that I must know?

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Be passionate about the project but don't get emotionally attached and be ready to let go if it all fails. Startups come and go very often.

If you put the effort in will surely increase mean the likelihood of success, but won't guarantee it. Don't be afraid to question direction (within reason), better understanding and your input again will likely help things overall.

Have fun, Startups are a fun atmosphere to work in, small teams, fast moving.

Be ready to work 10 hours a day :)

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  1. Don't eat all the snacks
  2. Express yourself, but remember you're part of a team and someone's in charge
  3. Forge good relationships with your teammates and boss

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Some startup founders hire people based on their exploitability. You will likely be expected to put it a lot of hours, but won't get much in the way of financial reward. If - after you have worked there for a while - the founders start smelling like psychopaths, don't hesitate to let go.

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You can make the guys into small groups and assign the task. This will help them to understand things better.

Also, give them tasks that can build them too

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Startups can be awesome but they can be a nightmare as well. I have worked with startups on an equity basis and a paid basis. I learned never to cut myself too cheap for them or they will take full advantage and leave you sitting in the gutter hoping they drop off the check they promised. Vet them heavily before you start, and not just the idea and company, vet the owners. Google them, research their past dealings. I have been burned by some very seemingly good honest church going folk that were really wolves in sheep's clothing. I love and despise startups for these reasons. They can be fun and exciting and you get to make an immediate and long-term impact so don't let me be a Debbie Downer, just be careful.

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