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I am Rachel Andrew. Ask me anything.

I am Rachel Andrew. Ask me anything.

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Rachel Andrew
·Sep 16, 2016

Rachel Andrew is a web developer and co-founder of the CMS Perch.

She also writes, speaks and teaches most often about CSS.

Rachel also runs a weekly CSS Layout newsletter and is always on the lookout for good things to include.

Her personal site is at https://rachelandrew.co.uk.

Ask Rachel Andrew about:

  • CSS
  • CSS Layout Newsletter
  • Perch CMS
  • Writing & Speaking
  • General Web Development

Thanks for asking so many great questions. A few links on the things we spoke about.

For CSS Grid stuff see http://gridbyexample.com where there are lots of code examples, video tutorials and up to date browser information.

My product Perch can be found at https://grabaperch.com - check out our new e-commerce solution, Perch Shop https://shop.grabaperch.com.

Otherwise follow me on Twitter! Thanks again :)