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I am Suz Hinton. Ask me anything.

I am Suz Hinton. Ask me anything.

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Suz Hinton
·Feb 2, 2018

Suz Hinton (aka noopkat) is a popular open source coder and speaker from Microsoft. She has been coding LIVE on Twitch for over 2 years now. She's a regular contributor to the open source Node.js electronics scene, and enjoys teaching others how to immerse themselves in the nerdiverse. Grab this opportunity to ask her anything programming.

Ask Suz Hinton about:

  • Open source hardware integration
  • Node.js electronics
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Working at Microsoft
  • Getting started with programming
  • more…

Hello! 👋🏻

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful and interesting questions. I hope I answered them well and look forward to continuing the discussions here on Hashnode.

I hope you have a wonderful week 💙