I am Tracy Lee, RxJS Core Team Member & Co-Founder of This Dot Labs & Media. Ask me anything!

Hey Hashnode community, πŸ‘‹

I am Tracy Lee. I cofounded This Dot Labs, a consultancy helping teams build front end applications and is focused on changing the ratio in tech. I am also a Google Developer Expert, RxJS Core Team member, a Women Techmakers Lead, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. I head up Community Relations at Node Foundation, ame the host of the Modern Web podcast, organizer of This.JavaScript, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group Silicon Valley and Triangle, and RxWorkshop.

I will be answering your questions live!

Ask me anything.

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What makes RxJS so difficult? I have heard many beginner developers say this.

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CEO of Shopwiz.net

Hi Tracey , "start thinking reactively, in streams" could you elaborate. Also what technology tcp sockets or websockets could stream a meta data search of 10 million websites ?

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Hey Tracy!! I wanted to know the challenges have you faced as a woman in tech?if any :P

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Co-Founder This Dot Labs

Self doubt is always a thing, but owning who you are as a woman and taking advantage of the advantages you have as being a woman in tech! There are plenty! :)

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Hi Tracy! What programming tools do you use? For example: VSCode, Github, etc?

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Co-Founder, FutureStack Solution, Full Stack developer having more than 13+ years of experience in web technologies.

What is your favorite theme for vs code!

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What are the few things you learned the hard way while building your startup?

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Co-Founder This Dot Labs

Linda Campbell one of the hardest things to learn as an entrepreneur is that not everyone is going to be as driven as you, or as invested in your company because it's your baby! :) you must come to terms with that. :) another hard thing i learned was the importance or value of understanding code / development as a business entrepreneur. i wish i had before my first startup - it would have helped me communicate better with my developers, but c'est la vie!

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Hi Tracy, Thanks for the AMA.

Which women developers you look up to and go for advice every time?

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Co-Founder This Dot Labs

Linda Campbell we all look up to each other and find confidantes in different times of need. i have leaned on Jen Luker, Kim Maida, Jen Looper, Elle Osmani in past and recent times.