I designed some Free Bootstrap Themes

Say hello to Grayshift , our very first collection of Bootstrap themes that are built entirely by our team and open-sourced for everyone to use.

For a long time, I've wanted to give back to the community, but never quite found the time or ideal approach until earlier this year.

To start, we're launching with five themes: blog, forum, chat, hosting, and project management.

Our goal was to provide minimalist themes with consistent, flexible, and sustainable markup.

Head to the Grayshift themes site to check them out.

Here is some sneak peeks:

Artboard 2.jpg

One more thing...

For all lovers of dark themes: You can enable dark mode straight from your system settings.

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Comments (2)

Astrit's photo

Very nice job, love the design is different. However I would suggest to increase a bit the contrast specially on: grayshift.io/themes/shoutout/forums.html


grayshift's photo

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. Contrast is something I'm continuously looking to improve.

Btw, good job on css.gg.