I did a stupid mistake

Oh dear... its 13 minutes before midnight and i just did a stupid stupid thing. my plan was to make a critical db query and to be 100% on the save site i made a backup in advanced.

bash> mysqldump -p dmdn > dmdn.sql

and after that i checked twice, yes i am a professional and know what i'm doing

bash> du -h dmdn.sql 
8MB dmdn.sql

looks good now let`s drop the database

bash> mysqldump -p dmdn > dmdn.sql 
Enter password:

ah not the backup again, ctrl+c now let`s drop the database!!!

MariaDB> drop database dmdn;

Guess what happened next... #stupid #mistake

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I hope it was your dev DB. You didn't do that in prod right?



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my hero ;D ..... why did you drop it in the first place?

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Andreas Beder lol ;D some of the best data loss stories start with

Hey Iam clever ....

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