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I started the web dev site, AMA!

I started the web dev site, AMA!

Chris Sev
ยทSep 7, 2020ยท

1 min read

Hey hey. I'm Chris on Code and I have a passion for coding and turning that code into businesses. I started (4M pageviews/month, $300,000 revenue/year) which was acquired by DigitalOcean.

I'm a Sr Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean and we have Hacktoberfest coming up in October!

Let's chat about anything coding, building/monetizing a business, most anything really!

Send over your questions in advance ๐Ÿ‘‡ and I'll answer them Tuesday, September 8th, 10AM PT / 5PM GMT.

I've got some links where you can find and chat with me also: