What tech would you use, and why?

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I'd re-write Slack in C and stop abusing the crap out of system resources.

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I'd rewrite Linux in Rust and only allow Rust code to interact with it. That would guarantee at least basic memory safeties. Many big bugs of the past years wouldn't have happened (I am looking at you, Heartbleed). Also, dependency hell would be a lot more manageable (thanks to cargo).

Well, apparently I am not the only one who would do so; that's why I am watching the Redox project closely :)

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This is amazing. Thank you. 😀

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I would rewrite Windows, so it was native to bash, creating a global wrapper for anything with the purpose of configuring, communicating and translating packages of software developed through it. Cross-platform bliss that takes advantage of custom hardware.

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Because only 1/12th of the software everyone in the world uses is actually compatible with it.

Using Wine, etc. is like Windows using Git for Windows for bash.

One of my laptops is duel partitioned (Win10/Ubuntu) , which is the best solution, imo. Personally prefer true installs as opposed to emulation such as Win10 adding bash to its CLI to launch Ubuntu.

Windows needs to axe the registry. This is why many devs prefer Macs. They are a combination of Linux and Windows, with their own flavor.

This is purely based on my personal experience since I use them all on a regular basis (pretty much daily), along with CentOS as well for servers.

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I'd rewrite the Javascript runtime and prevent it from being used on the server side :)

JavaScript is as ubiquitous as paint; there are some Picasso's and Van Gogh's (e.g. JQuery & Angular IMO), but most of us are graffiti artists. Perhaps we'll be saved by Web Assembly, Azure Functions or your rewrite :)

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It depends. I can't pick a technology without a use case for it. In general I'll bias to JavaScript as it runs everywhere, is fast, and has a mostly reasonable ecosystem.

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