I'm a beginner to programming languages. Can someone please explain me where or how do I start?

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A series of online based video courses (FREE).
A good starting block for a "cheat sheet" if you will for basic web dev languages.
For if you ever get stuck on problems (Search or post your own).
For extra video tutorials. A good teaching style I thought.

Tools (my preferences):
Text editor - I've found it to be the best, especially considering the plugins and how little it crashes.
GIT - For code management. EXTREMELY useful.

Apologies if that's a lot to begin with. lol. Just wanted to cover most of the bases :)

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Haven't tried it myself, but I think this would be a good addition to all the other programming tutorial websites: http://exercism.io/

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code academy would be one starting point.

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There are so many web developers here who assume, that #programming equals #web-development, but there is so much more out there (and on Hashnode). Let me try to answer this question in a more neutral fashion.

OK, so there are as many ideas on how to start as there are people who teach you this kind of stuff. Teachers and professors tend to start with either of Delphi/Pascal, Java, C, C# or Python. But if you do not have a teacher or you would like to learn auto-didactically, you will have to choose one language to start.

Where you start should depend on what you want to do with programming. What do you want to create? What is your motivation? The next question is how you want to realize it. Should it run natively (for example a .exe-file) or should it be a web application? Should it be an app for a smartphone? Depending on the answer, you have to select a language.

When you have a language, search for tutorials online. There are many good sites. My advice is to choose a written course (no video tutorials, as they are only oral communication and have a number of negative aspects imho).

The last part is practice.

If you ever need help with your programs, feel free to ask for help on Q&A platforms, like StackOverflow. Do not learn difficult tools, like git, in the beginning as you will not need them for a long time. Concentrate on what is important: Programming!