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Import Your Medium Stories To Hashnode In 5 Steps

Learn how to download your Medium articles and import them on your Hashnode blog

Hashnode makes it convenient for you to move your articles from Medium to Hashnode. In fact, you can do it in five simple steps.

Yes, it's that easy!

1. Navigate to Medium

ezgif-2-6eec82d5b251.png Figure 1

Once you are on Medium, click on your profile picture. After that, a new dropdown appears, where you have an option called Settings.

Click on that option - Settings.

2. Download your data

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 12.41.48.png Figure 2

To speed up the process, search directly for "Download your information". That will take you directly to the place where you can download all your Medium data.

Click on the button saying Download .zip and wait until the download finishes.

3. Hashnode's blog dashboard

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 12.23.09.png Figure 3

Once you have the data from Medium, navigate to > Blog Dashboard > Import. Figure 3 illustrates part of the flow.

4. Choose your data

Now click on the importer (the cloud with the arrow) and select your .zip file (as shown in figure 4 below).

ezgif-2-653cd9221712.png Figure 4

Wait until Hashnode uploads your data. Please don't refresh or close the page until the process is finished!

5. Publish them

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 12.31.38.png Figure 5

Once the data is uploaded, select the posts you want to publish and press the Publish button. Wait until the posts are published, and you should see something similar to figure 6 below.

image.png Figure 6

The end

That's all you have to do! I told you it's that easy!

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Shams Nahid's photo

Under the Blog -> Write, the import option is no longer exist.

Kayne Sheenan's photo

brilliant, I was looking for exactly this ๐Ÿ‘

Sercan Solmaz's photo

Your article helped me a lot. thank you so much. About 45 of my 54 blog posts have arrived, but there are some I want to get more, either it gives an error or the circle is constantly spinning. I've tried this too many times. Have you ever encountered this problem? Can you suggest a method? thank you. Ekran Resmi 2021-07-23 20.07.30.png

Bhargav M's photo

It is showing an error when importing a zip file!!