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Introduce yourself to the Hashnode community! 👋

Hey there! Thank you for being an important part of Hashnode. This post is all about introducing yourself to the fairly new and rapidly growing dev community. We love hearing stories of DEVs from around the world. So, tell us something about yourself, your interests, what you hope to accomplish in the future, etc.

PS: It’s absolutely OK to introduce yourself here even if you are an old member! 🍻

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Hi everybody!

I have a passion for learning programming concepts/tech/tools etc and explaining them to people in a concise manner.

Currently, my primary tech stack is MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node), but I am always curious and love to learn something new everyday.

I like coffee and my fat bike. If you would like to know me (or Hashnode) better, ask me anything on this thread.

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Hi everybody!

My name is Promise Amadi. I am a writer and Flutter Developer. I work with startups across the globe to build mobile solutions using Flutter.

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Hi, I’m Gergely, and I code for money.

OK, that totally sounded like an anonymous code-aholic introduction, so let’s start over.

I’m Gergely Polonkai: father, coder, maker, Linux user, and a child forever, from Hungary.

I code since the mid 90s. I used a lot of things from Commodore and a bunch of old IBM processors like the 8086, to high-end servers hosted both by myself and by different hosting companies. I coded in a lot of languages like BASIC, Pascal, Delphi (yeah, that’s Pascal, too, I know), C, TCL, Perl, PHP, Vala, Python, and a lot more.

Python and coding for the Web is my $job right now, even though about 5 years ago I was pretty sure I’ll never use Python. I help my company creating a good back end software so their business runs smooth and secure.

I use Linux since about 1997, and tried a lot of distributions since then, including Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo. I also gave a shot to OpenBSD, and I do own a Windows computer, although I barely use it. Right now I’m on Fedora Linux (27 beta; I like living dangerously).

For editing my code, I use Emacs. I use it for 3 years now (before that I was a heavy ViM user), and I converted because of the awesome NyanMacs package (seriously). I happen to be the manager of the Emacs node, however rarely it is used.

I’m a big fan of the GNOME Desktop Environment (although not the typical fanboi; I know it has a lot of cons besides its pros). I use it since I know Linux, and I always get my hands dirty with the betas as soon as they are available.

I’m also a security enthusiast. I wouldn’t daresay I’m a pro at it, but I tend to find solutions whenever such problems arise. I’m a fan of secure coding, even if that makes code a bit less efficient. I’m eager to find solutions where security and convenience can go hand in hand (and trust me, it is damn hard).

I’m a road warrior. I use a 2-in-1 notebook that I can convert to a tablet in need, and I have my whole office in my backpack (including, but not limited to, a trackball and a keyboard). I like to work in the office as the atmosphere is awesome, but if I need a distraction free environment for some serious tasks, I go to a tea house, or stay at home in one of our empty rooms.

At home, I’m a father first. I have a 3 years old daughter and a 4 months old son. Being a role model is a hard job in itself, but I also try to keep the house in a good shape, building walls or fixing dripping taps if necessary. We also make a lot of stuff for ourselves, including toys and everyday objects if we can. One can even consider that my hobby.

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Hi all,

I'm Kliment (but everybody knows me as Kleo), a software developer working at Coherent Labs Endava, where we help game studios to create their UIs using Web Technologies - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

One of the projects I've worked on was a graphical editor for creating interactive UIs, built using web technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript (now TypeScript) and C++.

I've been part of Hashnode from the early days when the site was still called devmag. What made me stay was the great community, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the ability to help others.

Thanks to Hashnode, I've found my current job and moved to a new town, gave several talks and have been contacted by several companies, who found me on Hashnode.

I'm passionate about web development, JavaScript and its surrounding ecosystem. Lately, I've been working on several game projects, experimenting with Web Assembly and robotics and home automation using Arduino.

Aside from programming, I like to travel, play basketball and read books. Feel free to ask me a direct question or mail me.

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Nice To Meet You To

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Hello lovely people! :)

I am Fazle, Co-founder of Hashnode. I started my career as a front-end developer by learning necessary HTML, CSS, and JS. I used to design templates and sell them on freelancing websites along with Sandeep in early 2011, whose job was to make the templates dynamic. ;)

After graduating, I joined Capgemini and worked on Smart TV banking applications (Samsung TV's SDK in 2013 was a complete mess). In 2014, Sandeep and I left our companies to publish and teach developers online through We released a couple of books and made some quick money to survive!

What started as a simple development blog ( is now Hashnode. In late 2015, we raised money from Accel Partners and started working on the first prototype of Hashnode. It has been a great journey so far, and I am very proud of being a part of Hashnode.

Looking forward to reading your stories! :)

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This is awesome!!! Namaste

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Hello everyone,

I am Kashish and I am a Software Engineer at Hashnode. This is my first real job, and I am working hard with the team to give you all a great app for your phones. That being said, I am also relatively new to the JS community and I absolutely love it here.

I started coding back in school in my 11th grade. C++ was my first language. I studied Information Technology in college and I got my first real web dev experience while interning at Shippable in 2016. It's been a great ride so far and I am excited for what's next.

I have been tinkering with tech since a very young age. In my free time, you may find me soldering broken electronics, playing my new drum kit, clicking photos, watching Netflix, or drinking beer.

Cheers 🍻

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