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Hey there! Thank you for being an important part of Hashnode. This post is all about introducing yourself to the fairly new and rapidly growing dev community. We love hearing stories of developers from around the world. So, tell us something about yourself, your interests, what you hope to accomplish in the future, etc.

PS: It’s absolutely OK to introduce yourself here even if you are an old member! 🍻

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Hi everybody!

I have a passion for learning programming concepts/tech/tools etc and explaining them to people in a concise manner.

Currently, my primary tech stack is MERN (Mongo, Express, React, Node), but I am always curious and love to learn something new everyday.

I like coffee and my fat bike. If you would like to know me (or Hashnode) better, ask me anything on this thread.

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Software Developer

Hey Eton.

Gergely Polonkai's photo

Hi, I’m Gergely, and I code for money.

OK, that totally sounded like an anonymous code-aholic introduction, so let’s start over.

I’m Gergely Polonkai: father, coder, maker, Linux user, and a child forever, from Hungary.

I code since the mid 90s. I used a lot of things from Commodore and a bunch of old IBM processors like the 8086, to high-end servers hosted both by myself and by different hosting companies. I coded in a lot of languages like BASIC, Pascal, Delphi (yeah, that’s Pascal, too, I know), C, TCL, Perl, PHP, Vala, Python, and a lot more.

Python and coding for the Web is my $job right now, even though about 5 years ago I was pretty sure I’ll never use Python. I help my company creating a good back end software so their business runs smooth and secure.

I use Linux since about 1997, and tried a lot of distributions since then, including Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo. I also gave a shot to OpenBSD, and I do own a Windows computer, although I barely use it. Right now I’m on Fedora Linux (27 beta; I like living dangerously).

For editing my code, I use Emacs. I use it for 3 years now (before that I was a heavy ViM user), and I converted because of the awesome NyanMacs package (seriously). I happen to be the manager of the Emacs node, however rarely it is used.

I’m a big fan of the GNOME Desktop Environment (although not the typical fanboi; I know it has a lot of cons besides its pros). I use it since I know Linux, and I always get my hands dirty with the betas as soon as they are available.

I’m also a security enthusiast. I wouldn’t daresay I’m a pro at it, but I tend to find solutions whenever such problems arise. I’m a fan of secure coding, even if that makes code a bit less efficient. I’m eager to find solutions where security and convenience can go hand in hand (and trust me, it is damn hard).

I’m a road warrior. I use a 2-in-1 notebook that I can convert to a tablet in need, and I have my whole office in my backpack (including, but not limited to, a trackball and a keyboard). I like to work in the office as the atmosphere is awesome, but if I need a distraction free environment for some serious tasks, I go to a tea house, or stay at home in one of our empty rooms.

At home, I’m a father first. I have a 3 years old daughter and a 4 months old son. Being a role model is a hard job in itself, but I also try to keep the house in a good shape, building walls or fixing dripping taps if necessary. We also make a lot of stuff for ourselves, including toys and everyday objects if we can. One can even consider that my hobby.

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Fullstack Engineer & Talent Developer


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Hi all,

I'm Kliment (but everybody knows me as Kleo), a software developer working at Coherent Labs Endava.

One of the projects I've worked on was a graphical editor for creating interactive UIs, built using web technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript (now TypeScript) and C++.

I've been part of Hashnode from the early days when the site was still called devmag. What made me stay was the great community, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the ability to help others.

Thanks to Hashnode, I've found one of my previous jobs, moved to a new town, gave several talks and have been contacted by several companies, who found me on Hashnode.

I'm passionate about web development, JavaScript and its surrounding ecosystem. Lately, I've been working on several game projects, experimenting with Web Assembly and robotics and home automation using Arduino.

Aside from programming, I like to travel, play basketball and read books. Feel free to ask me a direct question or mail me.

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Hello lovely people! :)

I am Fazle, Co-founder of Hashnode. I started my career as a front-end developer by learning necessary HTML, CSS, and JS. I used to design templates and sell them on freelancing websites along with Sandeep in early 2011, whose job was to make the templates dynamic. ;)

After graduating, I joined Capgemini and worked on Smart TV banking applications (Samsung TV's SDK in 2013 was a complete mess). In 2014, Sandeep and I left our companies to publish and teach developers online through We released a couple of books and made some quick money to survive!

What started as a simple development blog ( is now Hashnode. In late 2015, we raised money from Accel Partners and started working on the first prototype of Hashnode. It has been a great journey so far, and I am very proud of being a part of Hashnode.

Looking forward to reading your stories! :)

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SysAdmin | Linux tinkerer

This is awesome!!! Namaste

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Hello everyone,

I am Kashish and I am a Software Engineer at Hashnode. This is my first real job, and I am working hard with the team to give you all a great app for your phones. That being said, I am also relatively new to the JS community and I absolutely love it here.

I started coding back in school in my 11th grade. C++ was my first language. I studied Information Technology in college and I got my first real web dev experience while interning at Shippable in 2016. It's been a great ride so far and I am excited for what's next.

I have been tinkering with tech since a very young age. In my free time, you may find me soldering broken electronics, playing my new drum kit, clicking photos, watching Netflix, or drinking beer.

Cheers 🍻

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Hey Friends,

My name is Andrew. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Multimedia Design. I'm a UI Designer/Developer and illustrator, and I take everything very seriously all the time....



My educational background was largely in traditional design and art (drawing, painting, composition, etc.). I became interested in software design because, though I certainly value fine art, I also felt like I wanted to pursue aesthetics but in practical or 'commonly useful' ways. For me, UI Design ended up being a perfect blend of creative, and functional work.

UI Development

My interest in development grew from a personal belief that an understanding of how software was built was critical to my growth as a designer. I started with the top layers naturally: HTML, CSS - but gradually moved more and more into Javascript -> Modern JS Frameworks (Angular, React), and even some data systems like GraphQL.

Over time, I found myself 'designing' with code, and skipping all the graphical software unless it was absolutely necessary for something.

Becoming a huge Tool(er)

For whatever sick reason, I've also gotten really into tooling. Maybe this is because I recall the first encounter with "liveReload" back in the 00s blowing my mind. I get a real kick out of efficiency and streamlining build processes and trying to get computers to automate all the stupid annoying jobs I don't want to deal with (I gravitate toward games like Factorio for this reason, also).


In the past couple roles, I have been in charge of developing and promoting design systems.

Designer or Developer? I walk the line

I have had the chance to work in Education, Healthcare, Games, and Financial software over the years. Each position tends to push me a little more in the design, or development direction, but I feel like I still walk the line between both disciplines professionally.

Illustration: a hustle in a sideways direction?

After about a decade of neglect, I returned to traditional Illustration , after taking part in Inktober 2016. I draw when I get a chance, and have been toying around with whether to not I want to turn illustration into part of my career.

I work remotely out of Austin Texas, and love it. However, (after Twitter's rapid decent into depressing madness...) I do miss chit chatting with folks in the industry, so feel free to say hello!



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Co-Founder, Hashnode

The best intro I have seen in a while! :D Welcome to Hashnode.

So, what are you working on today:

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Hi everyone 🖐️

I'm Komeyl, and I'm from Iran. I entered the dev world around 5 years ago by someone introducing me to web design, it was really fascinating for me back then learning to build web pages. I worked as a freelancer for most of the early years and not taking it very seriously but recently I got hired as a front-end developer in a startup company based in Tehran which I've been working for almost a year now. I started by core web technologies and kept at it until recently where we started using React Native in our company. I must say that I'm totally lovin react and hoping to upgrade myself on it. Besides work, I love traveling, bicycles, tv shows, movies and music. I'm fairly new to Hashnode, and I'm really enjoying the vibe here; hope to connect with more people.

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Hallo, Hello, Salut and こんにちは! Nice to meet you :)

My name is Marco. I am a young German B.Eng. Engineering Informatics software engineer working for Robert Bosch GmbH (CI and AS). My job involves creating task automation, developing tool-applications and working on eCommerce solutions for the Bosch Group. As a result, I have contact with many technologies, including HTML, CSS, JS, Java, C# and Rust.

Aside from my professional work, I love to do web development and tinker with my game project, though you will also see me post electronic engineering related stuff from time to time. I am especially excited about combining stuff I know, for example integrating Rust into websites using WASM or creating mobile apps with Cordova.

Whenever I am not working, I study for my M.Sc. Applied IT Security, enjoy flying (Cessna), watch Anime / read Manga (-> MAL) or party with friends. Also, I really love music and bands and the dark side of life, so if you go to Metal or Goth events, we might see each other :)

As for Hashnode, I joined in early 2016. At the time, I already had finished my first studies and worked for some time, however I was very ignorant about many programming principles and how to do things. On top of that, I was quite shy and had imposter syndrome, so writing freely was hard. Hashnode did not only help me with my social issue, but the community also taught me so many very important things, that I believe I wouldn't be the engineer I am today if not for Hashnode. I would never have been able to grow at such a speed, so THANK YOU A LOT! All of the Hashnode team and alumni, who created this platform and, of course, all of the community - the people I met in the past and all the new faces - for giving me fascinating input, correcting me, and working out problems with me. You all are very important to me and that's why I will always try to give back to you ;)

Siddarthan Sarumathi Pandian's photo

Hey Everyone,

My name is Siddarthan, a backend engineer who hopes to be full stack someday.

Building and designing APIs is my favorite thing to do and I currently write code predominantly in NodeJS and React.

My other areas of interest include cricket, politics and science fiction.

And lastly, I work at Hashnode. :)

James George's photo

Hey there people!

  • I'm James, CTO of Mad.Hacks which is basically a Student Dev Community aiming to assist students in their pathway to be industry ready.
  • Full Stack Engineer well versed with the MERN & MEVN stack.
  • OSS enthusiast

These are the actively maintained OSS projects by our community:-

  1. Mevn-CLI
  2. teachcode

GitHub Org

Be sure to check them out :)

Folajomi Shotunde's photo

Hello world!! :),

  • I am Folajomi Shotunde from Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Project Management graduate and now a freelance student of programming :)
  • Need collaborative mentoring ( made that up in my mind)
  • My stack is React, Mongo, Postgres, express, node..., basically anything that helps me write good code ( is this good )

I have passion for learning new concepts everyday and learn in many different ways. I am very open to mentoring and collaboration

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Hi Folajomi Shotunde, welcome to the community. :)

He Li's photo

Hi guys,

I am girl who comes from China,I graduated from college last year and have been worked for 6 months after I graduated in a small company.I like learning new things.I am a front-end engineer, which is always around by HTML, CSS, JavaScript technologies and so on.I am enjoying diving computer science and some great thoughts.I think that concentrating on one thing for a long time is a cool thing, so I always choose some difficult things to learn and stick it out until I master it.Such as learning English(Still on the way).Also I like music especially singing it.

Milica Maksimović's photo

Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Nice to meet you He Li 🙌

Hope you'll have a lot of fun over here! I'd love to see some of your posts over here. You can share your knowledge and practice English that way 😀

Nana Adjei Manu's photo

Hi Guys, I'm Nana from Ghana, I am a full-stack developer. I have a great passion for learning new stuff and tools. I have failed at starting my own startup after so many tries. lol. I am currently employed as a front-end developer. I love Ruby and Javascript. I am very fond of Rails and React but these days i am writing so much Node and Express apis. I have been able to build mainly because finding a junior role as a developer is hard, so I intend to crowdsource information about such roles. You can add a junior role is you find any.

Outside of work, I like playing basketball and having long challenging debates about almost everything. I am very happy to be here and I hope to learn so much from the community. I would really like to learn how to write technical articles though.

Eric O. Jonathan's photo

Full Stack Software Developer at a confidential company.

Your name rhymes with your country. Nice! :)

Adam Listek's photo


My name is Adam Listek and I've been a web developer for roughly 15 years. I run a small business,, doing web development and I also work for Illinois State University, currently as an Applications Analyst (though I was a Systems Administrator for many years).

I've been a part of Hashnode for quite some time now, from early on (I believe right after it was renamed from Devmag) and found it to be a pretty awesome community.

A lot of my development is for custom Wordpress sites, but I've dabbled in a lot of areas. I run my servers on DigitalOcean and automate via Ansible.

I am also doing a podcast called Bit v. Byte at about web development and small business as short 15 min. episodes. Looking forward to branching out into creating a lot more content in the future.

I have four kids and split my time between Illinois and California, two vastly different states so you can say I am a bit busy.

I have been very fortunate to be a part of the community here and looking forward to spending even more time as it allows. Thanks!


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Owner and web developer at and weekly podcaster at

Monthly I take United (since it has the most regional flights and I need to get to upper northern Cali). Basically O'Hare to San Fran and then a hop up to Redding. I personally live in Bloomington/Normal about 2 hours south of Chicago. It's a hike, but well worth it!


Anthony Praveen Thilak's photo

Hello World..!! Anthony Praveen Thilak here, hashnode was introduced to me by Sivasankaramalan Gunasekarasivam last week. Seems to be a facinating platform to keep track of your learning efforts, i used to do this using several other applications but this seems cool...!!

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Hi Anthony Praveen Thilak, welcome to the community.

Bernardo Augusto Garcia's photo

Hi everyone. I am happy to be here.

My name is Bernardo from Colombia.

I am a Computer Engineer with 3 years of experience in Software Engineering, Django web framework, and distributed systems.

I have worked in Information Technology with a professional development oriented to the computer networks topics (data networks, telematics services, and Application Support) and sys-admin Linux-based servers to applications deployment.

Three years ago, I did want turn around to my professional profile and begin to learn and make things in the web development field, and were of this way like I arrived in Python and Django web framework, this language and their technology ecosystem are exciting for me

Currently, I am working like DevOps development role on PossibilIT BV a company based in Utrecht, Netherlands. My tasks are manage the building, deployment, and operation as a continuous automated workflow service allowing the software delivery in different environments, making use of container and orchestration services technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to deploy the applications on cloud platforms like Google Cloud and Azure DevOps.

Candidate for the Master's degree in Engineering from EAFIT University. I am finishing my graduation project which is related to the use of Data science on agriculture, more precisely in banana crops, taking as reference input variables like precipitations, phreatic level, luminosity, temperature, speed, and wind velocity, with the order to analyze and predict how to these input variables on banana crops lots impact in the of banana clusters/bunch weight resultant. My research interests are data science, distributed systems, and e-Health.

I think that the first step to grow: Surround me of people of want the same than me, even that they may be better than me, and I think so that HashNode is one of the places suited for it.

I appreciate highly this opportunity to be here and learn of the community.

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Bernardo Augusto Garcia's photo

Thank you @fazlerocks I am happy to be here.

Anton Rich's photo

Hello hashnoders.

I'm Anton and I live in Russia in a relatively small city called "Yoshkar-Ola".

I'm interested in learning foreign languages. So far successfully I have only learned one foreign language: English. I'm proud to say that I learned it almost entirely by myself. Which in a sense a weird statement. Because I kinda had help from all the books that I read. Books don't write themselves you know.

I'm a recent Manjaro user. Before that I've been using Ubuntu and Ubuntu like distributions. Before Manjaro though I tried Antergos which was really hard and I had to give that up because of some unsolvable bugs.

Now, I really enjoy Manjaro.

Currently, I'm growing more and more on the command line. It's one of my goals to become a master of Bash : )

Also currently I'm learning Elm, Elixir and Haskell and a fan of functional programming.

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode, Anton Rich. 🎉

Pierre's photo

Hi everyone,

I am Pierre from France 🇫🇷. I've been, professionally, in the dev world for the past 4 years and last July I quit my job to go the indie hacker way 🛠.

Since then I co-launched, a price monitoring tool aimed at SMB. We've just had our first paying customers last month and it feels good 💵😊. I love building things and learning new things, starting your own thing is IMHO one of the best ways to do both.

I've also begun to write some post about tech, particularly GIT 🐙 and Python 🐍.

In my last job, I did a lot of geographical data 🌍 manipulation in Python and I'll probably write about it soon.

I also plan to release my first ebook this year.

Aside from programming, I really love pizzas, Paris, and soccer.

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Milica Maksimović's photo

Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Nice to meet you Pierre, welcome to Hashnode 🙌

Can we expect to see your blog posts over here? 😀

Lmint's photo

Hi everybody!

Nice to meet you, guys. I'm very happy to join hashnode. I'm 19 Years old and I'm learning to be a web developer in the future !!!

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Lmint's photo

Web Developer

Milica Maksimović Nice to meet you too 😄 I learned basic about JavaScript. But now, I don't know what I should learn next... I really want to improve my JavaScript Skills to write the best practice codes.

Rohit Awate's photo

Hi, I'm Rohit, a second-year Computer Engineering student from Pune, India.

I believe in learning by yourself from the Internet and not from attending boring lectures in college! With that mantra, I've managed to learn a lot in the past couple of years. However, I primarily like to work with Java and sometimes Python and I'm also developing an interest in C++.

I reckoned that a better way to introduce myself would be through my work. So here are a couple of projects that I've done in the past half year.

Ballad, a simple text editor:

Bookworm, a quite sophisticated library management system, which is powered by a REST API:

And my latest one, which is currently under development, RESTaurant, a native REST API client:

That's it! Ballad and RESTaurant are available on my GitHub and I'm planning to make Bookworm commercial.

Thanks for reading! Would love some comments from you.

Cheers! Have a good one. :)

PS: To the Hashnode team, 10/10 for the website's UI. Really, really well done. I have an eye for good design and this is just satisfying!

Abhishek Pathak's photo

Javascript Developer

I would love to have a dish in your RESTaurant. Nice work.

Abishek Thangapandi's photo

Hi I am Abishek Shivan from India... I am a UI UX Designer. One day I will be CEO for my own company... I am pushing my limits so hard for that thing...

Faith Nassiwa's photo

Hi everyone!

I'm Faith, recently graduated and working with a digital health company as a junior software engineer. Software development is an amazing field and so far loving it despite all the long working hours.

I'm mainly developing Django web applications with python being my primary coding language. I love learning new technologies. Hope I will get some great recommendations on where to start here.

When I'm not coding, am either bonding with family or having drinks with friends.

Thrilled to be here!

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode, Faith!

Sai Kishore Komanduri's photo

Greetings ladies, and gentlemen; boys, and girls! It's always fun to come across personal tidbits of Hashnoders. :)

Alright let's do this! Here goes mine.


I have always been in love with computers. Right from the time, I first saw one in 3rd grade, and fiddled with the programming language, LOGO. But what drew me to computers were those then popular (DOS) games — Dangerous Dave, Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy, Sky Roads, Galactica, SpeedKar

We had a course on BASIC, back in 7th grade. My dad enrolled me in a C++ course to help me avoid an uneventful summer (read: a summer filled with video games); this was around 2002, if I recollect it right!


Fast forward almost a decade, and I am at a University; which had a high emphasis on student freedom, and their all round development... which was quite different from your traditional Indian University education.

This meant that the curriculum for the first two years was almost the same irrespective of your chosen major — Programming & Algorithm Design Fundamentals, Basic Electrical Engineering, Intros to the aspects in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; through various courses!

Also the fact that you were free to choose any elective (from any major) you want meant a lot of Computer Science, and some Math electives for me. My favourite electives to date — Graph Theory; Multimedia Computing; Internetworking Technologies.

I graduated with a dual honours degree — Bachelors in Pharmacy; and a Master of Science in Biological Sciences; but my resume had no dearth of Comp. Sci. projects — from hobby DHCP servers in Java to data analysis computational bio. desktop software in Python! :)


A bit of this, and a bit of that ... I ended up at Hashnode where I worked for about a year, as a Developer Evangelist, and a Software Engineer.

Hands down Hashnode was the best of all the places I have worked at. While most of it is attributable to the awesome work culture; the best part of working at Hashnode meant a lot of community engagement ... from influencers to chaps who were conduits of inspiration in various ways — by having passionate drive to learn, and teach; by being unapologetically compassionate.

These days, I lead a team of engineers where we build e-Governance applications; a.k.a. Software for Governments!


I love playing computer games! In fact, I am a huge proponent of the perspective that the field of computer gaming has become mature enough to stand as an art form that has lasting cognitive effects; right alongside its siblings — books, movies, and music!

Following is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite indie games, CaveStory+.

There remains a very delicate balance in this world, between those who create and those who will experience the creations of others. I can't say that I wasn't aware of this. However, I had never experienced it. Now, thanks to you, I finally have.

As long as the there is someone who will appreciate the work involved in creation, the effort is time well spent. To this end, I will continue to create for as long as I can.

— Hermit Gunsmith; Creator of Polar Star, and Spur

You might also enjoy Jane McGonagall's work on increasing awareness of the benefits of this "modern" art form!

Game designers are obsessed with emotion. How do we create the emotions that we want gamers to feel, and how can we really make it this intense, emotional experience?

— Jane McGonigal

Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

Hello there! I'm Bolaji Ayodeji. ⚡ I'm passionate about developing and designing JAMstack applications with #a11y and #m11y

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Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

Developer Relations @Hashnode

Yes sure. Thank you!

Guido Francis's photo

Hi everybody!

  • I am Guido, known as Guy.
  • Currently know 3 languages, these languages are not mastered but soon will be!
Rattanak Chea's photo

Hi everybody, I am new to Hashnode. I have been a developer for 4 years and writing a technical blog on different platforms. I am eager to join Hashnode and learn more about the platform, more importantly growing professional networking with you all.

Sandeep Panda's photo

Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode Rattanak. Looking forward to interacting with you. :)

Davey Jacobson's photo

Hi everyone--

My name's Davey and I am the web dev and sys. admin for one of the Team USA Olympic sports where oversee 13 websites. Prior to that I was a freelance IT guy just fixing computers out of a garage.

I first started coding when I was 15 but have been playing with computers since forever. I remember learning DOS on my dad's old IBM just because I wanted to play the golf game he had installed.

My dev-environment-vices are usually...

I'm always on the lookout for a solid, lightweight framework that lives by the credo, "Less is more." It's those frameworks that ultimately shape my thought process when writing any/all lines of code.

When I'm not coding you can almost always find me engulfed in my other passion: Rugby🏉. Yes, I am an American and I refuse to watch the NFL and (pretty much) any/all American sports. They are just too boring for me.

My sport interests are found overseas, mainly...

If anyone has any questions or needs any advice on things, please feel free to ask. I'll always make it a point to help anyone in anyway that I can.


Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode Davey Jacobson 🎉

Ju Chun Ko's photo

Hi all,

I'm JC from Taiwan. An assistant professor teaching Interaction Design in Taipei University of Technology, where we train design school student to learn how to code and make creative things with SW/HW dev skills and VR/AR/AI & Blockchain technology.

I co-founded two company - Linkwish: the first LBS mobile app company in Taiwan; LUNA: a spherical 360 camera crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which funded over $350K, won RedDot Design Award and was invested by HTC VIVE investment.

I'm also the first participant from Taiwan to get into Singularity University in 2014, where the first time I'd learn about BitCoin (only bought one :P ) and write my first line of DeepLearning ML code.

Now I'm in deep love with Ethereum tech and smart contract thing, and just launch my first experiment ILO (Initial Lottery Offering :P). Passionating to learn Solidity and Smart Contract, which led me to this place. Love Sandeep Panda 's in-progress book. Like this platform. Really looking forward to learn a lot from you guys.


JC KO @ Taipei

Jayme Edwards's photo

Hi I'm Jayme, and I've been developing software for 21 years.

I spent the first decade of my career as an employee, and the second decade in consulting.

Over that time I learned some hard lessons through many mistakes I made. These led me to realize software development is more about people than technology.

I created a YouTube channel 7 months ago to help budding devs, and industry veterans, have a healthier and more sustainable career.

You can visit the channel here:

I'm sharing everything I've learned (good and bad) to try and improve the way we can all work together.

Thanks for having me in this wonderful community! I look forward to learning from and helping all of you.

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Jayme Edwards's photo

After 20 years of working with 30+ companies, I'm sharing the healthy ways I learned to develop software. 🍃 💻

Thanks for your support Sahil, hope it's helpful to you :)

Eric O. Jonathan's photo

Hi everyone! Glad to be in this community where we're bound together in the similarity that our lives, whether it's our jobs or passion, evolves around technology!

Le me introduce myself. My name is Eric O. Jonathan. I am from Indonesia and went to the university in Hawaii, USA at Hawaii Pacific University. My relevant degree to the IT field is my master in Information Systems. Meanwhile, I'm already been back to Indonesia for about 14 years now and been working in various industries and in various IT roles from being a computer support specialist, assistant manager, IT Coordinator, Project Consultant, Lead Software Developer, DevOps leader, and now a Full Stack Developer.

I have been interested in how technologies, specifically software, work since I was a kid and an outsider looking inwards to this type of profession in amazement as how software brought to life the technologies that we use everyday! To fast forward to today where I am in the inside looking at the mess that I'm in dealing with developing software, from patching someone else's work (my current day job) to creating a mess of my own (side projects).

One thing I learnt in the software development practice, is that there's no perfect code! A perfect code now is obsolete in a few years time at most (unless your code is COBOL, then yours will last for ETERNITY). Meanwhile, for mere mortal like me, I just am contented with the ones I'm dealing with. However, that doesn't mean we should write spaghetti code. My motto is to follow the best practices of the day, and get the job done first. For the rest, I guess I just need to debug them as they come.

I'm looking forward to write more blogs and maybe share a story or two. So please check them out when you have a chance! Thanks.

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Co-founder & CEO, Hashnode

Hi Eric O. Jonathan, nice to meet you. Welcome to the community. :)

Rahul Jain's photo

My name is Rahul Jain. Loves to read, & write about the latest technology trends, SEO, sports, and travel. I have over 1 year of experience working in digital marketing. Currently, I work as Digital Marketing Specialist at LambdaTest, improving the website to rank higher on Google SERP by using advanced analytical tools & strategies, expanding the DA of the website by providing backlinks to referral domains with higher DA, and driving traffic through various social media communities.

Previously, I was SEO Executive at HTL Infotech, where I developed a thorough understanding of white hat as well as black hat SEO practices. I also handled PR for the website that helped to educate me about the market on long-term internet trends.

Milica Maksimović's photo

Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Hey Rahul Jain, welcome to Hashnode.

Please check out our FAQs - we're a dev community. Hope we'll help you learn a lot about programming in the coming days :)

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Hi! I'm Oliver, a postgraduate CS student in the UK. I mostly work with full-stack (Laravel, Vue.js) stuff. Not going to bore you all too much about what I do, just want to introduce myself!

I'm hoping to write a lot more here on Hashnode and I'm looking forward to joining in with all of the discussions.

p.s. I'm one of the mods over on (cc Benjamin N. Spak) so you should join us there!

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode Oliver Earl nice to meet you! Looking forward to reading your posts over here! Hope will grow fast!

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Hi 👋

I'm a Software Engineer in South Africa 🌍. I love making awesome front-ends with React, Angular or pure JavaScript, and blazing fast back-ends with C# dotnet core. I have too many side projects for my sanity, love to learn as much as I can and try to live on the bleeding edge of tech 😎.

I look forward to talking to you all 😁

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode, Kurt!

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I am Kevin, happily married and permanently employed. At the same time I am still a little independent, but also not really, because the independence became too much for me.

I mainly work with PHP and WordPress. I've been writing PHP since about 2008 and WordPress since 2011, so if you have any questions about WordPress, just write me.

In my spare time I work on Helpful, the WordPress plugin and browse the internet.

Otherwise I like to play PC games. I found Hashnode when I saw an advertisement on Twitter. I can hardly speak English at all, but I can read and understand it perfectly. Writing is also a bit difficult for me, so I have the texts translated with deepl. I love the tool.

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Milica Maksimović Currently Assassins Creed Odyssey for the second time. Otherwise Diablo, Sims 4 and also Anno. Sometimes it's Doom too. I'm quite open. :D

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Hello Hashnode users!

I am Jake from Texas. I am a long time Linux nerd but I didn't start really learning how to program until a little bit over a year ago. I have more of an operations bent and gravitate towards DevOps type work but I also have a love for all things design related including Front End. I went to two different bootcamps last year; JavaScript web application development and a DevOps CI/CD bootcamp right after that which led to some short term work opportunities.

The gig I enjoyed the most was working on Pivotal's PEZ Portal client on a team with two other DevOps consultants which we built with React/Redux and Node. It was a lot of fun and I got to finally see the West coast which was a perk for me. I have been working with Gatsby recently and I am starting to really enjoy it and I recently had two pull requests merged which makes me a part of the Gatsby organization on GitHub as a maintainer. Other than that I am about to take the exam for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate level in about a week and then I am going to being applying to full time permanent positions so if any has any tips on that I would be very appreciative.

Well, that's about it so I hope to interact with you the community on here to meet other developers and definitely learn a few things from those who are probably much more experienced than I am.


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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode Jacob! :)

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Hi Hashnode Community! Finally a social media for developers! Hurray! I always wanted to meet new developers, look how do they work, and do some projects with people around the world. At first, Hashnode seemed like just another social network site for me. But what makes Hashnode different from other social network is that it caters to the niche market of developers. So I can make posts of programming, and people would find it relatable here (which you cannot do in Facebook or Instagram). I also look forward to doing projects with people here and contributing to their projects.

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode Santosh! Glad to have you here. :)

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Hey everyone!

I'm Noah, currently the Director of Development for a company creating an electronic medical record for behavioral health providers. I run the Idaho-PHP user group in Boise, and I like to volunteer with our local schools and colleges to help teach young people technical-type things.

Though I'm not a fitness bro, I try to make it to the gym 5 times a week, and I drink enough coffee for me and the dog. My favorite thing to do is to alternate weekends between hanging out at home on the weekend with my wife and kids, and going out and finding fun things to do with them.

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Solving problems

Thanks Milica Maksimović! That's good stuff!

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Hi, I am Rohan from Himachal Pradesh, India. I am currently living in Bengaluru and working as a Software Engineer in a startup. I started this job around 6 months ago. My interest in computers started when I was in 10th standard when I started learning java. Then in higher classes studied c++. Then I took admission on Delhi University and did graduation in CS. Then somewhat lost my interest in CS because of lack of motivation as I was not clear what I wanted to do. Then after graduation, I spent one year figuring out what I want to do in life and found my long lost love for CS. I started focusing on getting a job and found that in web development, I can have many opportunities. So I started Javascript, revised all things related to web development ie HTML, CSS etc. Then jumped into frameworks like Angular and started understanding the concepts. After 2 months of learning and job search, I got a job at a startup as a trainee. 3 months into it I got my first promotion and now I am a software engineer. I am currently working on aws lambda, serverless framework and a lot of interesting stuff.

Apart from the above stuff, my hobbies are singing, exploring new things, reading etc. As I am from the Himalayan region of India, I love trekking and travelling.

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Nice to meet you Rohan Bhardwaj 🙌 Hope you'll find content on Hashnode useful in your work!

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Hey everyone!

I'm Clayton. I've been programming for ~3 years and lately been working a lot in open source. I am spending a lot of time learning Rust, was writing Go for a bit, and of course, JavaScript/TypeScript across the stack. Always love meeting up with other devs so if anyone's in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area, let me know and I'll buy you a coffee!

In case you'd like to check out my recent projects, the main ones are:


This is an open source project that helps create really robust GraphQL APIs. There's a web GUI (similar to the old Graphcool Console, but full GraphQL support), a CLI (not written yet), a code generation library (somewhat written), and other tools. I forked GraphiQL to add some support for broader use cases and would like to write "official" implementation libraries for each language. (*Warning: Console is not working properly. I had to push to git because my computer's being wonky but that triggered a deploy to Netlify. Oh well.)

OSS Buddy

It's just a landing page at the moment. Finishing up a few things & then working on chat features. Basically, this is a super simple web app to connect with open source devs willing to help you either get started in open source or even if you're a veteran, mentor you with an existing project(s) to help get you up to speed. (You can do this yourself but it's slower and, besides, who doesn't want a buddy?)

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

We're happy you joined Clayton Ray, welcome! 🎉

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Greeting people!

My name is Binh Bui. I am from Vietnam but have been staying in Finland for 5 years.

I am the Community Marketing Specialist at Vaadin, a company which provides an open source Java framework for building web apps.

My current interest concerns Web Components & Polymer.

I published a blog series named "Web Components Wednesday", where I talked and introduced some beginners components every week. You can find it here.

I also write and publish a lot on other platforms, mainly about Web Components (Medium,

I love playing chess, pool, poker, solving puzzles. I want to learn many languages (especially sign language).

Feel free to pm or ask me anything.

Big 💙 to Hashnode team for maintaining this awesome platform.

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to the community Binh Bui!

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Hi I am Rushal Verma from India. Right now I am a Data Engineering Intern at Servify, a company which is working in consumer electronics(providing services to customers and side by side dealing with businesses too). So my work is mostly related to there data pipeline which is built on Apache Kafka. I am learning day by day about it more as I am working with it.

Also I am a senior undergraduate student so I am looking junior developer positions too. :)

You can find me everywhere(Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit) with the handle name rusrushal13. So anybody wanted to look for me look for my handle.

Happy Hashnoding ;)

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word hard to work harder

Cool let me know if you need any help with it or anything you wanted. I will try my best to help you out 🙂

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Hello world!

I'm Eesuola oluwole from Nigeria, a computer science graduate, web developer and a programmer. I love learning more on tech, so I'm looking forward to learn more from this platform

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Hi, i am James and i love designing and building products. Am a designer and a fullstack Javascript developer from Lagos, Nigeria. Am open minded and willing to learn from other developers here.

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Hey All,

I am Pankaj Patel. I am a software developer; majorly front-end; working at HolidayPirates Group

My primary stack is JavaScript, CSS and HTML and some traces of PHP.

I try to experiment with new technologies in the areas of my interest and try to write about them in as easy as possible outline along with Demos on my blog Time to Hack

While doing the daily tasks, sometimes I stumble upon the use cases which are are not widely addresses. I try to provide some solution on those use cases. Some of those solutions are available to see on my github profile at

I am also also pursuing photography as Hobby and you can see some of my work at:

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Geek, Blogger, Developer...

For now I am using Nikon D3300. I wasn't sure about pursuing Photography for long time, so I went ahead with basic one.

But I guess I'm more than convinced to invest more on this.

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Hey everybody! I'm name is Per, I'm the co-founder of Scrimba, a tool and platform for sharing interactive coding screencasts. Our goal is to create the best coding course platform in the world.

I love to discuss coding and learning. Ideally both at the same time. Needless to say, HashNode is perfect for this :)

I've also written quite a lot on Medium about learning how to code. Feel free to check that out.

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Hi everybody!

  • I am Zaid and working in ShieldSquare as Project Manager
  • First company (Think7) i joined in 2015 as a Software developer.

I love to learn new things and implementation of it. I do mistakes but i don't repeat the same one.

My usual office day start with having a discussion with DevOps team which provided me a pace. Taking decision is my daily job some are good some are bad and some back fires.

Travelling and reading is my weekend "TASK" .

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Hi Everyone!

  • I am Edward here from GoodCore. you can call me eddy.

  • I am serving GC from 2005 and had a great time with them.

  • GoodCore is a Bespoke Custom Software Development Company in the UK.

  • We serve large enterprises, SMEs, funded startups, and government departments.

  • 110 + Software Projects. Developing Since 2005

  • Numbers don't lie. And we are proud of them!

  • 110+ Project Delivered

  • 100+ Global Employees

  • 14 Years in Operation

  • 10+ Million Lines of Code

  • 800,000+ Man Hours

  • 3 Global Offices

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Hello Everyone.

I am Manish (I go by the unimaginative nickname "MK" in my professional and personal circles ).

I am a Lead Software Consultant at ThoughtWorks India. Prior to that I was with NVIDIA for 9 years joining them as a college grad.

I am a polyglot with experience in driver development, enterprise web, mobile development, data engineering, basically anything that is software. I see myself proficient in C#, Scala, Swift, ECMAScript based languages but I can code in anything.

I am also quite active on OSS. But to be honest, I love building libraries/apps which are by product of my "salary projects". SimpleTwoWayBindingIOS and scala-cypher-dsl are my two quite accepted personal projects. I am also one of the owners of Calatrava.

I am relatively new to blogging given my experience, but my blogs have been cited by scala-times, Neo4J, Signify Technology etc. that keeps me motivated to write more stuff.

I am migrating away from Medium and would love to make HashNode my new home. been couple of days and I am already loving it!

Apart from technology, I love cars (partial towards civic so much that I have owned it twice), was once a DOTA 2 and Counterstrike competitive player but then I got married 😁

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode, Manish! Glad to see your new blog. We have also formed a Discord channel to connect with like-minded bloggers who like to inspire each other. You can join it here:

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

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Hey there, I’m Piem from Paris! Working at IBM as client representative in the industry sector. Prior to that I’ve created and leaded Scale Zone, the IBM startup program in France 😉

I’m passionate about meeting strong entrepreneurs in their quest for creating new innovative values in exchange for smart money 👍 I hugely dislike fake startuppers launching a business for the hype 👎

I’m working on as a side project related to classic cars! I don’t have any driving licence, and really basic skills in coding 😂

I’m really happy I’ve found you, I hope to use hashnode to integrate a great blog on my website to publish updates on my project! And I've done the integration with successs, have a look here: Twitter post

Cheeeeeeers 😉👍😉👍😉👍😉👍

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Co-Founder, Hashnode

Welcome to Hashnode Piem! :)