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Greetings ladies, and gentlemen; boys, and girls! It's always fun to come across personal tidbits of Hashnoders. :)

Alright let's do this! Here goes mine.


I have always been in love with computers. Right from the time, I first saw one in 3rd grade, and fiddled with the programming language, LOGO. But what drew me to computers were those then popular (DOS) games β€” Dangerous Dave, Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy, Sky Roads, Galactica, SpeedKar

We had a course on BASIC, back in 7th grade. My dad enrolled me in a C++ course to help me avoid an uneventful summer (read: a summer filled with video games); this was around 2002, if I recollect it right!


Fast forward almost a decade, and I am at a University; which had a high emphasis on student freedom, and their all round development... which was quite different from your traditional Indian University education.

This meant that the curriculum for the first two years was almost the same irrespective of your chosen major β€” Programming & Algorithm Design Fundamentals, Basic Electrical Engineering, Intros to the aspects in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; through various courses!

Also the fact that you were free to choose any elective (from any major) you want meant a lot of Computer Science, and some Math electives for me. My favourite electives to date β€” Graph Theory; Multimedia Computing; Internetworking Technologies.

I graduated with a dual honours degree β€” Bachelors in Pharmacy; and a Master of Science in Biological Sciences; but my resume had no dearth of Comp. Sci. projects β€” from hobby DHCP servers in Java to data analysis computational bio. desktop software in Python! :)


A bit of this, and a bit of that ... I ended up at Hashnode where I worked for about a year, as a Developer Evangelist, and a Software Engineer.

Hands down Hashnode was the best of all the places I have worked at. While most of it is attributable to the awesome work culture; the best part of working at Hashnode meant a lot of community engagement ... from influencers to chaps who were conduits of inspiration in various ways β€” by having passionate drive to learn, and teach; by being unapologetically compassionate.

These days, I lead a team of engineers where we build e-Governance applications; a.k.a. Software for Governments!


I love playing computer games! In fact, I am a huge proponent of the perspective that the field of computer gaming has become mature enough to stand as an art form that has lasting cognitive effects; right alongside its siblings β€” books, movies, and music!

Following is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite indie games, CaveStory+.

There remains a very delicate balance in this world, between those who create and those who will experience the creations of others. I can't say that I wasn't aware of this. However, I had never experienced it. Now, thanks to you, I finally have.

As long as the there is someone who will appreciate the work involved in creation, the effort is time well spent. To this end, I will continue to create for as long as I can.

β€” Hermit Gunsmith; Creator of Polar Star, and Spur

You might also enjoy Jane McGonagall's work on increasing awareness of the benefits of this "modern" art form!

Game designers are obsessed with emotion. How do we create the emotions that we want gamers to feel, and how can we really make it this intense, emotional experience?

β€” Jane McGonigal

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