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Just waiting for the memes


That camera though ♥️


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🔵 Can't afford it

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Just waiting for the memes. Not listing all the stuff I hate about iOS:

  • Animoji? Really? I think we have been writing text for a reason, and there have always been a lot of software products which let you map your face to a 3D mesh (like Facerig). It's not a new feature! It's been there for a long time! How come it is now the #1 reason to buy a $999 phone(!)? Just get some free software instead (e.g. Snapchat) and enjoy that feature on your Android phone, Windows Desktop or really anywhere else. iOS (and phones in general) has so many problems, how come they invest into this BS -.-
  • FaceID. Nice. Instead of a finger, you now use your face. So once people found a way to trick the sensor, they can, again, unlock all your stuff and you cannot change your FaceID. Guess why... you only have one face. Even fingerprints are better, because you have 10 fingers, duh. When can they finally stop with stupid biometric "security" features. Just use a dialpad-based pattern and quickly unlock the phone without thinking, while still being highly secure. I am pretty sure that I can type my pin faster than the FaceID can scan your face -.-
  • Edge-to-edge screen. Have fun with that bezel at the top, though. Why do they even try to remove the edges? It's a phone. What problem exactly does this feature solve? None. I'd rather welcome computer monitors without edge, because I usually have 2-3 of them standing next to each other. They'd profit by removing the spacing in between the displays. -.- If Apple at least opensourced their technology, it would at least be profitable for R&D.
  • Wireless charging. Finally, you can put your iPhone into the microwave to charge it. Oh, wait, no.... Well, again, nice feature for people with a night-stand.
  • 3.5mm mic/audio jack. Right. Nonexistent. As if I would buy a new expensive high-quality headset for bluetooth when I already have one which is compatible with all the high-quality audio-equipment I own. -.-
  • "Display: Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously." (quote) Really? Thought I could do so with any display this world has to offer. Good to know that Apple finally filled that gap -.-

Well, at least they figured that that one big button is inconvenient and moved it to the side... tbh, the only cool features I can see in the spec are water-resistance and wireless charging. Man, I wish my phone could do that! Well, I knew what I buy and why, so that's alright for now.

I still am not the target audience for Apple devices...

High Five2

Just more overpriced, underfeatured, rinky flimsy garbage that leaves me wondering just what the ***** is in the kool-aid. Whenever people talk about Apple quality I literally have no huffing clue what the blue blazes you're talking about.

Of course it's ultra-glossy, so good luck using it outdoors. But ooh-shiny!!! Specially tuned to look slick on the showroom floor.

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