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Is it a good choice to work in a team without a mid-level or a senior software developer?

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·May 5, 2018

I'm currently a junior software developer and I'm working in a startup. Currently, the team contains 8 junior developers (including me).

We are working with new technologies such as Node.js, React.js, Docker, Kubernetes etc.

Personally, I sometimes face some issues and problems that I need the help or the opinion of a senior or someone who is more experienced than me to solve them or to discuss them. Searching through the net or asking a question in the forum or in the StackOverflow is not sufficient because you need some real conversations to discuss some problems or some solutions.

In the forums if you ask some 'stupid' questions you will be downvoted or banned and you don't understand the mistake. So, is it a good choice to continue with a team without a senior or mid-level developer?