Is it normal of me to like ES5 more than ES6?

I find myself using ES5 features more often than ES6. Is it because I haven't understood the changes properly? What can I do to convince myself and my fellow colleagues? :)

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No it is not normal; you are weird. Just joking! I, too, use ES5 more than ES6. The thing is that most basic things always are added in lower iterations, so it is normal that you use stuff from lower iterations more often! If there is no need for ES6 things, like a generator function, why would you enforce them? In my opinion, you should just take a look at the features, keep in mind what stuff is new and use it whenever you feel like it fits in.

I guess, for myself, the most-used ES6 features are arrow-functions and the class-sugar. But when I find the need, I also use Symbols for private attributes or today I implemented my first generator function for handling an input flow, which has to wait for promises (or not, depending on the return value of a function).

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haha.. :D @200ok

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I have noticed several different types of stories other developers have had. Some want to stay in the past with ES5 and stick with what they know. Others are early adopters and jumped right in. Still others were dragged kicking and screaming to ES6 and have a lingering resentment. Realize this is one of the biggest advances in JavaScript in years. It's going to totally change how you write code. You can't expect to just switch without mentally gearing up for this. The folks I've seen who've had the best experience with this were ones that

  1. Chose a few useful features to adopt and go deep with learning them.
  2. Chose "full immersion" -- all new code is ES6. No exceptions.
  3. Babel. Living in ES6 means you have to transpile your code to ES5. Welcome to the new world!
  4. Learned how these changes actually allowed them to write cleaner and better code.
  5. Adopted the mindset that JavaScript is going to start on a new evolutionary track, and that this is not the last time this will happen. Get involved in the process and have a stake in the outcome.

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