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I’ve introduced over 100 people to web monetization. I’m Akintunde Sultan. Ask me anything!

I’ve introduced over 100 people to web monetization. I’m Akintunde Sultan. Ask me anything!

Akintunde Sultan's photo
Akintunde Sultan
·Aug 31, 2020·

2 min read

Hi everyone, my name is Sultan, Akintunde Sultan. I’m a Nigerian. I studied Computer Science which actually has nothing to do with me being a software developer. I’ve been into tech for about 10 years now and I still find a lot of things really difficult. I’m currently an ambassador at Grant for the Web where I’m working on the adoption of web monetization in Africa.

In 2019, I founded DevCareer by mistake on Twitter and it has now grown to be one of the best Dev Nonprofits in Africa that provides all needed resources to underrepresented budding developers in Africa. Our focus in DevCareer is to support people who are interested in tech but not financially capable to afford the resources(Laptop, courses, mentorship, internet access and electricity) needed. We provide everything for FREE.

I’m interested in various ways content creators can generate revenue online through their contents without having to confuse their audiences with tons of ads or unreasonable subscriptions. Also, all these subscriptions are focused solely on the creator and the users are completely ignored. I’ve researched and experimented with various implementations of web monetization and I’d be glad to answer all your questions.

And ohh, if you have any question not listed here, feel free to include it in the comment section.

Here are some topics we can go over:

  • What exactly is web monetization?
  • Comparing web monetization to online adverts or subscription
  • Who is a creator
  • Who owns web monetization?
  • What is the work of Coil in all this?
  • Why do we need to make the web a safer place
  • Who are the people/organizations already using web monetization
  • I’m in Africa, do I need to be bothered?
  • Privacy intrusion online
  • What is Grant for the Web
  • The business side of web monetization, how exactly do I make money?
  • I just started writing, do I need to use web monetization?
  • Is web monetization for software developers alone?
  • I’m not all for the money alone, is that the only advantage of web monetization?
  • What do you think about web monetization on Hashnode?