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Hashnode is a community we've created for you, and it's very important for us to listen to what you would like Hashnode to look like and build and improve it so that you feel at home connecting with other developers here.

Over the last few years, we've been collecting your feedback in the form of discussion threads on Hashnode, Slack messages, tweets, emails, Facebook comments, too many places to keep track of. You wouldn't know if someone else noticed the same thing you did, and we had to keep an eye on all these channels. This definitely wasn't ideal. So, we've decided to tackle this issue and create a single place for all of your feedback and suggestions.

Today, we've created a public repository on GitHub to collect your feedback, bug reports, and enhancement suggestions in the form of issues.

We want to listen to you and prioritize things accordingly. So, please go head on to the repository and tell us what you think we should work on next. Even if you've already sent us feedback on something, please feel free to add them to this repository: github.com/Hashnode/user-feedback ❤️

Thank you for taking the time to make Hashnode better!

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Syed Fazle Rahman

Bengaluru, India

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  1. Header bar can be improved. Like on scrolling up, it should re appear to navigate to different places.
  2. There should be something to reach at the top after scrolling too many articles.
  3. Numbered list is not working as expected. We are trained to use MS Word and expect the same behaviour.

(Enter to add a new line with next number)

Everything else is fine. Good work team Hashnode.

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Okay. Sure, I'll put it there.

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Functionally, it's already better. What it could improve is that innovation of new ideas.

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Hi Bhojendra Rauniyar, We are always looking for new innovative ideas from our community. Please feel free to add them on our Github repo: github.com/Hashnode/user-feedback

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