Let's reflect, How was 2019?

Yeah, I know it is not over yet but, we are close. How was your 2019?

For me it proved to be very productive year by doing lots of new!

  • ✍️ I have started my blog: Greenroots Blog. I am enjoying every bits of it by sharing my knowledge as blog posts.
  • πŸ’‘ Have done incremental amount of coding as pet projects and feel good about it, github.com/atapas
  • πŸ“™ Learned some cool concepts like, reactive programming, metaprogramming. Done better on Full-Stack and mobile app development.
  • πŸ’¬ I Feel awesome about contributing to this great community, HashNode ! Joined on March, 2019.
  • 🎀 Have done some public speaking on JavaScript and related stuff.

I just hope 2020 to be more satisfactory in terms of learning and and growing in the technology community.

Wish you all a great holiday ahead and all the best for your new year(2020) plans.

Keep learning, keep sharing!

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Gaponenko Andrei's photo

Quite the year, indeed.

  • πŸ“› I finally got my OCP Java Programmer II certificate. Although perhaps I will never need it, but better than leave things unfinished, I guess.
  • πŸš€ Made a bold decision to quit my Java Developer position for 3 month to prepare myself for position of Scala Developer and was lucky to find a fantastic job, which also presented me with an opportunity to relocate to Saint Petersburg.
  • πŸ“™ Learned tons of new things: fundamentals of garbage collection in JVM, transaction isolation levels, RPC, functional programming principles (along with type-classes), a bit of cats and concepts behind cats-effect and ZIO, finally got my hands dirty with some real microservice architecture.

All in all, it really feels like a productive year and I really hope the next one is going to be as well. Wish you best of luck in 2020, ladies and gentlemen. Let's enjoy the ride.

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