macOS vs. Windows OS: Which one is better for Website Development?

I've been using VS Code on my windows 10 laptop for working on my projects. However, when searching for tips or guides on web dev in general, I'd find that a lot of these persons are using macOS. Is it better to work on macOS as compared to Windows?

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And another vs that is personal, and thus unanswerable. Although I can say that since Microsoft added subsystem for Linux in Windows, I couldn't care less about using either Windows, Linux or macOS. They all have the terminals and they're all excellent.

My personal choise: a solid Windows laptop is much cheaper than a Macbook Pro, thus easy an easy one.

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I use both regularly.

OSX: better support/compatibility in the web dev ecosystem. If you need to use Sketch or build iOS stuff you have no real choice, you have to have a Mac. Downside: more expensive, need to run a VM to test IE/Edge, most people don't like the current laptop keyboards, you often need to buy a range of little apps to set things up as you really want.

Win10+WSL: generally more affordable, no need for a VM to test IE/Edge - everything is in one place, fine if you need Figma instead of Sketch. Downside: WSL is slower than a native shell (although WSL2 may well fix that), can't test Safari, tend to run into compatibility issues (usually just irritating stuff).

If all else is equal; go with the Mac. If you don't want to spend that much, you'll be ok with a Windows PC.

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I'm not a macOS user but I have a good idea why some developers are using it. Main reason would be because mac is overall more responsive, faster than windows and uses bash instead of cmd. windows still has its own advantages too, it's has a bigger community so you get a bigger help when in trouble, it has all kinds of programs to install (both official and none-official), gaming on macOS is pretty bad unlike windows, AND its a lot cheaper, the price you pay for a mid-spec macOS would get you a high-spec windows PC

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Maybe not, but it's always felt faster to me. In fact, sometimes Windows 10 seems to be even slower than older versions of Windows.

I have an old laptop running Windows Vista, which runs WAY faster than a much newer laptop I have running Windows 10.

In fact, I've never used a computer running Windows 10 that I didn't feel was laggy.

macOS, on the other hand...

The only time I can remember feeling like it was truly slow was when I was running snow leopard off a USB flash drive (don't ask).

I ran High Sierra on a mid-2007 iMac with an upgraded CPU (T9300), and it was still faster than a newer, touchscreen desktop running Windows 10 (and didn't die and have to have a Windows reinstallation twice).

I know I sound like a Windows hater, but that's not the case. I'm just saying what my experience has been.

But, I'd say if you are just wanting to do web development, using Windows or Linux will save you a large price tag.

But if you want to do iOS development in Swift, Apple won't let you do that from anything but a Mac.

Of course, you could always use something like Flutter or React Native (or Flutter!) instead.

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MacOS has a lot of momentum still because for the longest time it was the only way to get a dependable, attractive Unix OS on a desktop/laptop. At the time, most web development tools and server applications were built with Linux & Unix in mind, so it made Macs more attractive to people who worked with that stuff every day.

Today, most of those programs can run on Windows, and Cygwin brings many favorite Unix command line utilities to the platform. WSL is a game changer, but I often found the separation between the Windows & Linux sides to be too painful & just used native Windows functionality.

With Mac hardware issues lately, especially MacBook Pro keyboard problems, I'm seeing web developers switching to Microsoft Surface hardware or a decent laptop running Linux. My work makes me use a MacBook Pro, but I have a souped-up 12" Dell running KDE Neon and a Surface Book for my personal use.

Use what you're comfortable with. Use what excites you. There's so little difference between platforms these days. Enjoy it.

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Windows is more popular compared to macOS. Plus, it's affordable and gives more tools to develop websites. macOS becomes necessary if you wish to develop apps for iOS or other apple systems. Else, you can make a web app in any language using Windows. So, I think Windows wins in this.

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The two reasons that prompted me to move away from Windows 10:

  1. With each big updates, docker breaks, taking me unnecessary time to resolve
  2. The OS usually updates itself and reboots, thereby losing the current state. I need to open all my apps again, start my scripts, run docker and others. Imagine coming from the lunch break to have a presentation and this happens.
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Co-Founder and Operations Manager at Authentic Research And Development (A.R.A.D)

With the Windows 10 May 2019 update, there's the option to pause the updates so that it doesn't do that automatically. This might be a solution to both points made above.

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I use both. Neither is better, but they each have their advantages. I personally can't justify the cost of Mac.

To buy a Macbook that matches my Windows laptop in performance, I would need to spend another $1k.

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MacOs better to program and design the web site, if MacOs not disponible, a Linux distro like ElementaryOs is bigger better to Windows to program, but design, if Mac not disponible, Windows is Better on Photoshop like programns:

  • Program and Design On MacOs
  • Program on ElementaryOs
  • Design on Windows