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Medium vs Devblog by Hashnode - which one is a better blogging platform for developers?

Update: 7th July 2021

We have a detailed and up-to-date comparison between Hashnode and Medium.

Refer to: Medium alternative for developers page by Hashnode.

Devblog by Hashnode is a free service that helps developers run a personal blog. If you are a developer and are looking to start a technical blog, you might be wondering what the differences might be between a Hashnode powered blog and a Medium publication. So, I decided to put together a blog post which highlights the differences between the two platforms -- I hope this will clarify some doubts and help you take the right decision.

Being Independent

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 1.09.18 PM.png

We are big believers of remaining independent when it comes to publishing content. Sadly, platforms like Medium don't allow users to publish content under their own branding and domain. Your Medium publication lives on a Medium URL (e.g.<publication-name>) unless you are one of the publications that unlocked a custom domain before 2017. New Medium publications don't get custom domain.

Devblog, on the other hand, lets you use a custom domain for free. Your content lives on your own domain and under your own branding. You decide the theme, the look & feel and layout. We believe that you, as a developer, must retain all the rights to your content and control different aspects of your blog. Want to build a subscriber base? Just embed a widget! Want to use your own Google Analytics account? That's ok too!

Hashnode also lets you download a copy of all your posts with one click. This way your content lives forever irrespective of whether you choose Hashnode to publish content.

Writing in Markdown

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 1.13.43 PM.png

Being a developer, it's hard to stay away from Markdown format. Medium supports neither Markdown nor syntax highlighting -- two crucial elements of a developer blog. Devblog lets you format your content using Markdown with live preview and realtime syncing. The code blocks support syntax highlighting and you can optionally embed gists using our embed tool.


A Medium powered publication is slow as per Google's Pagespeed insights. For example, a Medium publication like Hackernoon has a score of 28 on phone and 75 on desktop. Furthermore, the initial request to such a publication always results in a bunch of 302 redirects since Medium must track you across multiple domains to maintain logged-in user state. Here's why Medium publications are slow:

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 1.18.45 PM.png

Hashnode powered blogs have a score of 70+ on Mobile and 99-100 on Desktop.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 5.23.37 PM.png

It's no secret that fast websites rank higher in Google search. So, we try our best to avoid unnecessary redirects and strictly adhere to all the best practices to make blogs load faster. We still need to improve on mobile devices, and hopefully the score will be much better by the time we are out of alpha preview.

No Paywall or Ads

If you are following news surrounding Medium, you must be aware of the fact that notable publications like Hackernoon are moving away from it. Here is a statement by Hackernoon's founder David Smooke:

Here is a related article:

Medium has to figure out a sustainable business model and therefore they have become aggressive in terms of making money off publications. If you have been following Hashnode, you might be aware of the fact that we are ad-free since the very beginning. We have been running Hashnode for last 4 years and to cover our costs we have relied on Sponsorships/credits from companies whose products we are using. We are big believers in business models where both companies and contributors make money. So, making money from blogs by putting ads or popups is not our business model. We are committed to offering a paywall-less and ad-free experience to publishers and we are going to stick to it. Moreover, you bring your own domain and have the option to download all your content. So, you can eject from Hashnode anytime.

Developer Focused

Hashnode is a community for developers whereas Medium is for everyone. So, when you publish a piece of content it goes directly to the feeds of thousands of developers. You should also note that you content still lives on your own domain. So, you can always publish posts on your Hashnode powered blog and syndicate them to Medium for extra visibility.

So, can we really consider Hashnode to be a viable alternative to Medium? I'll let you be the judge.

Medium is quite large. Hashnode is just getting started. So, it'll be unfair to ask everyone to move away from Medium. However, we really believe that independent publishers should publish content on their own domain as opposed to using a Medium URL. As I mentioned earlier, you can always republish your posts on other platforms for extra audience. It's your content after all. πŸ˜ƒ

Devblog is still in alpha preview. We are making things rock solid and are giving access to those who are looking to start a developer blog. So, if you are sold on the value proposition, please request access here. I'll get in touch with you via email. We also have an internal Slack channel where we share quick updates and collaborate with the early adopters. See you soon!

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Ramiro Berrelleza's photo

I like to use medium mostly because of the insane reach it has, not because of the editing tools or the look and feel. My current workflow is to write the post on my blog (so that I own the domain and the source of truth) and then syndicate the content to other platforms like Medium, or Hashnode.

I value the "you own the content" approach, and that's why I want to own my own content. I use jekyll/gatsby + github pages. It supports markdown, is pretty accessible to most developers, and other than the custom domain, it's free. How do you see this model compared to what the Hashnode developer blogs offer?

I think there's viability in a blog platform for developers, both from an audience as well as from the tooling (e.g. writing code snippets in medium is a PITA). But I'd be particularly concerned with the long-term viability of your blog platform. If you don't plan to have a paywall nor ads, how are you going to ensure your users that it will be around for the next 10 years?

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Sandeep Panda's photo

Ramiro Berrelleza Awesome! You can access your blog here:

Feel free to play around and let me know if you encounter any issues or have any questions. :)

Bridget Sarah's photo

I can't say I know much about Medium but that's certainly interesting about what they've done to their customer base. It's a shame as its trending, a really good thing for developers are to have their own blog where ever it is but with hashnode its nicer in that respect as all of us can help each other. I'm loving all the new features but one thing is popping up on my mind about the usefulness of Hashnode, what does Hashnode want in return especially if you're offering free ssl free blogs for domain transfers etc over?

As much as i'm sure we would all love to think, I'm sure Hash node costs to run quite a bit :)

If medium is also cutting in their ways, I can't see many developers staying on their base for much longer when Hashnode is taking off ;)

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Sandeep Panda's photo

Hey Nicolas We are a small team of 6 and we intend to keep it this way for the foreseeable future. 4 of us (including Fazle and me) are based out of India where the cost of living is a bit lower as compared to the western countries. So, the total monthly salary is also quite under control. :)

Ahmad Ismail's photo

Hashnode does not look like a small team driven product, it is well polished. If stackoverflow & quora people discover Hashnode, there will probably be a lot more traffic. However, for some reason, Hashnode does not come up in Google search results very often. I found Hashnode only once (the first time I encountered Hashnode) in Google. Since then I am a big fan. However, I can not remember the second time I found Hashnode in Google search result.

I hope this blog thing will increase your exposure.

David Carr's photo

I'm loving the new blog offering, writing in Markdown is great it means I can write my posts in my note app of choice and simply copy it over.

Likewise writing it directly is a pleasant experience too, Thanks for doing such an amazing job!

Sandeep Panda's photo

Thanks! That's whole idea behind creating We do the heavy lifting while you focus on delivering content to your audience. πŸ˜ƒ

Deepal Jayasekara's photo

This is a great initiative. I am one of the early users who were lucky enough to get a medium publication on my domain, but I need to change the domain to something else. Medium support says that it is not possible, and I'm looking for a better alternative to move the content to a new domain while preserving all links to my previous articles.

I hope this will satisfy my need, assuming that it's going to last long :)

Adrian Mejia's photo

Sandeep PandaHow Hashnode generates revenue to keep up with its operation costs?

Sandeep Panda's photo

Hey Adrian! We are working on releasing PRO features, team publications and so on. While Devblog will be free for individual bloggers, we are going to charge teams and PRO users a monthly subscription fee. I recently wrote about it in this tweet:

dams's photo

What is your business model? How do you earn to pay for the resources and infrastructure to handle all these? Is there any pricing model?

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Roberto Quezada's photo

Not sure if this is a bug but I just signed up for your devblog and I’m on mobile and can’t seem to be able to sign in to write any posts.

Is there a support channel I can officially submit this issue to?

Sandeep Panda's photo

Roberto Quezada Please raise an issue on our GitHub repo or join our Discord channel to discuss it in detail.

Adrian Mejia's photo

Sandeep PandaDoes HashNode have the option to set the canonical URL? That's useful for sharing posts here without hurting original post SEO

Sandeep Panda's photo

Yes, we do have that option. :)

Shilpa Solapure's photo

Indeed great initiative Sandeep ! I have my personal blog and I use Medium to repost my articles. How devblog will help me here. I want my articles to reach larger audience, at the same time not suppressing my original blog.

rayan dexter's photo

Markdown is a very powerful tool for creating blog post and this is where devblog won my preferences. Plus, content I see is almost always I am interested in due to the tags option.