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MeritVerse:- Issue Certificates, Badges, Degrees in form of NFT's on Blockchain

MeritVerse:- Issue Certificates, Badges, Degrees in form of NFT's on Blockchain

Want to issue digital credentials on blockchain as nft's, meritverse comes to rescue which is based on ethereum and powered by netlify

Mohit Bhat's photo
Mohit Bhat
ยทFeb 28, 2022ยท

3 min read


Are you an hackathon organizer and want to issue digital certificates but want to do the same on blockchain. MeritVerse is here to help issue Digital Merit NFT's to any no of recipients in single click and that to be at Just Rs.1/Certificate.

What is MeritVerse

Its a platform powered by netlify to issue digital certificates in form NFT's. They are non tradable and will always remains in a person accounts. The reciepint does not have to connect a wallet to recieve a NFT, We do it for you!

Features of the platform

  • Issue Digital certificates as NFT to multiple users in one click
  • Just Rs.1 per certificate
  • Multiple Block-chains support
  • No wallet required if you don't have one
  • Fast/Seamless

What are NFT's actually

NFT's mean non fungible tokens which represent's unique collectables/Resources on blockchain. As we are currently building things in ethereum so we are using ERC721 and ERC1155 standards.

Why NFT for digital certificates

As we are heading towards decentralisation NFT's are booming in this space. We can see multiple marketplaces being developed and nfts getting traded for 1000 of dollars. Digital certificates nowadays are popular and are in demand but infrastructure cost to keep there validity for lifetime is huge. Blockchain is a great way to solve this problem where you can issue digital certificates and it will remain for lifetime there, You can even verify it after 100's of years. Thats the beauty and the problem I am trying to solve.


  • Reactjs
  • Nodejs
  • Ethereum
  • IFPS- Pinata
  • Hardhat
  • MongoDB
  • Netlify

How this is Build

Frontend :

For frontend I have used react. Its quite a heavy project so a lot of code is there. The frontend is connected to backend and blockchain. The application is for two users one certificate issuers and NFT holders. Certificate issues need to connect there wallet so that they can pay in ethereum for issuing merits.


The backend is written in nodejs. It's works is to create users and handle there private keys. It mints nft using admin keys on ethereum blockchain and transfers it to recipients. Along with that its task is to create metadata file and upload to ipfs. An beautiful algo is written to do transactions so that the gas cost remains just below Rs.1 per certificate.


The blockchain here plays a very important part here where ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts are written to create and issue NFT to recipients. Ipfs pinata is used to upload file to decentralised storage network IPFS and pin it for consistency.

Hosting and Netlify

Netlify is used to deploy the website and frankly speaking it was supper smooth and fast to do that. It was just two clicks and my website was deployed. I am hoping to use netlify for production as well.

I Invite Hashnode

It would be great honour if hashnode issues digital certificate NFT's through meritverse once I deploy this website to mainnet.

Project Demo

Website ๐Ÿ‘‰

Project Repo

Repo ๐Ÿ‘‰