Molly & Tech

I have it, i know Anytime I behold it, We are in sync Like it knows me.

Draw me closer Let me see the depth I would need to go To know you.

Tech, I can't hide I see you and can't shy away I know you want me Show yourself to me.

The story of tech and Molly goes way back. Not like some Milk and Honey fever But more of Romeo and Juliet love that family would make to waver.

Family in this context, Nigeria, situations, Excuses, Stress Other things that may be seen as more important.

Few years down the line, It's still the same love developed earlier Surfing on the skate of time Trying to make the withered plants greener.

We all hope this story doesn't go sour For the impact they both have On the most minute matter Would go down history lane greater.

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