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Moving from sublime text to visual studio code

I was a Sublime text fan since 2013, Used it for the last 4+ Years and I just loved using it. Meanwhile, I tried Adobe Brackets and Github Atom editor. But honestly, I didn't like them because those editors weren't light weight as sublime text.

For example, if I open a big project with Atom, it takes a very long time to open and perform a bit slow while coding. But if I open the same projects using sublime text it opens like a flash and also perform very well and speedy while coding. So, I was happy to stick with sublime text.

A few days ago I discovered this editor Visual Studio Code by Microsoft. I was interested in giving it a try as i like to try new editors :) . Moreover, it was open source so I was excited to give it a try.

And after a very long time, I liked an editor the most after the sublime text. I have to say that Microsoft did a very good job. Visual studio code is a feature rich and modern text editor which I think every developer should at least give it a try :) I am using it as my primary code editor now.

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Harrison Kamau's photo

I've been using it for a while now. Talk of prettiness :)

akshay vinchurkar's photo

sublime text is fast it doesn't matter how many extensions you install but in vscode if you install extensions more that 10 you get performance lag or if you edit remote files that cursor moves slowly i like the editor git feature is great debug feature is fantastic i am using vscode for JavaScript programming because of code completion but still sublime is my first choice

Alexandre Lalung's photo,

Visual Sutdio is based on electron, just like Atom. So, same engine, not open source ? I'll pass :) Glad that you found your editor of choice though :)

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Alexandre Lalung's photo

Hye :) nice to See Ms put their editor OpenSource, didn't saw it :) In totally understand you like VSCode, i for myself am comfy with Atom ;)

Al Amin Khan's photo

Atom is also Great :)