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My HNG internship Journey

Alaba Samuel Ayomide's photo
Alaba Samuel Ayomide
·Aug 15, 2021·

2 min read

I made it in💃🏽💃🏽.

So I was among the accepted interns for the HNG remote internship program and I'll be on the Frontend development track.

I'm super excited to have been selected for the internship, with the internship I hope to improve my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills by huge strides and to make tons of new friends who share similar love for tech as I do.

For the program, my goals include.

• Reaching at least stage 9, while I want to go all the way in I wouldn't mind stopping at stage 9 if other opportunities show up.

• Bonding and connecting with likes mind .

• Learn Agile Development because I heard we have to be agile during the program😄(Hope you get?😉).

• Hopefully, land a role with the HNG intern in my resume's experience.

To get into the program, one of the things you need to know are some basics in code versioning(git), git is really a cool way to organise how you handle your codebases, you can learn more about git using this extensive tutorial which you would find here.

Also, you would be required to know some basics in UI design, the tool we would be working with is called Figma, which is a very cool platform(you can use it on the web🤩🤩). To get to know the basics of Figma I would suggest the Figma site which you can access from here.

Lastly, since the HNG internship this year is more technical skills inclined you are required to know some basics in a programming language. For this cohort the programming languages most used are python(backend with Django), golang(backend too), javascript(frontend and backend), kotlin(android development), and flutter(cross-platform mobile development). Fortunately, I'm on the Frontend Development track so we'll be using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. JavaScript is an object oriented Language and you can find the basics here, then for CSS you can find the basics here. While you can also find HTML tutorials here🤗.

I would recommend the HNG internship for anyone looking for an environment to take their skills from zero to hero in the shortest time frame(heck it runs for just 10 weeks).

If you like me, want to show the world how much you're willing to grow, you can signup for HNG 8.0 or HNG cohort 8 here. I do hope you join this cohort, I believe it's going to be a fun ride🚀, see you soon😉😉