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My Journey As A Software Engineer: The Short Version.

My Journey As A Software Engineer: The Short Version.

Aosu Terver's photo
Aosu Terver
·Aug 20, 2019

I have always admired and appreciated technology.

As a child seeing technology working amazes me, at the time I wonder how they were even made; cars, trains and the most amazing of them airplanes, more so as I didn't have the chance to get on a plane, except when I am lost in my imagination fantasizing. With this desire, I wanted to build planes.

Eventually, when it was time to get into the University, I told myself I will go build planes - but then I was told there was no place where planes are built in the country and of course no school offered such course, I was disappointed but I eventually ended up studying Mechanical Engineering, which was then the closest to what I wanted.

The coming of mobile telephony into my country and my first access to a Personal Computer also sparked in me a new desire for a different kind of technology - Electronics. How the computer works again amazed me, luckily I had one early on in primary school, with the IBM Worldbook and later Encarta Installed. I was totally pre-occupied, lost in a Universe of Knowledge, I became so addicted to my PC that it disturbed my mom, who would wake up in the early hours of the day to find me still browsing, reading or playing games on the computer, of course, my dad was always my defense.

Many years has come and gone, but those days where indeed seed days, Every progress I have made up until now was sown back then. Today I realized the priceless opportunity I had back then owning a PC as a child, although I failed some of my subjects in school, I am happy because I am actually building real-world solutions as a software engineer, which is a fulfillment of my childhood desire to build things.

The moral is this, make room for that child to dream. As a child hold on to your dreams, they come through.