Postdate publishing

Add the ability to set a date in the future for publishing a story. This would allow people to write a few stories ahead for when they are going to be unavailable.

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Emil Moe's photo

I second this

Also if it's possible, ability to share to to social media in the future so I could plan out 5 posts on Sunday and they roll automatically during the week — but i don't know if it's possible?

Maxi Contieri's photo

This would be a major feature for those ones who write on weekends and plan for the week

Twaha Rahman's photo

I'd love to see this feature implemented.

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I'd also second this! Very helpful when you are traveling but want to auto post.

Kamil Gierach-Pacanek's photo

Any update on this? I was sure Hashnode has this possibility, but I misread the field name :P. I think planning publishing is far more useful than posting with previous date.

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Would love to see this as well!

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Second this too.

Soumendra kumar sahoo's photo

This would be a great feature for consistent posting.

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Very interesting features in the future

Shreyas Kulkarni's photo

Is this feature already available??