Programmers! What do you wish to achieve in the year 2018?


Hello developers! It was excellent sharing knowledge with all of you here at Hashnode in 2017. Incredible community, I must say.

Since we all have already started analyzing how 2017 was for us, what do you wish to do next year?

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I started 2017 with a focus for producing articles and videos, and I ended up doing a lot more research and development than I had planned. In 2018 I hope to challenge myself a little differently:

  • Practice public speaking (maybe a meetup or small event)
  • Lead a class (workshop, tutorial, or course)
  • Research HTML & CSS compilation
  • Discover & experiment with new ideas for styling web pages

Most of my challenges last year were numbers of things I wanted to produce, and I think this year the bigger changes I want to measure are in terms of my own growth. It will be a real challenge getting in front of people, so hopefully my desire to share surpasses my fear of public speaking :D

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Read books, lot of them. Read atleast 1-2 books in a month.

Secondly add a new language to my tech stack. (Not limited to hello world programs)

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I am currently focused on "code-quality" .... whatever that means. So I want to improve that and 1 year seams like a realistic approach.

Besides that I want to give like 2-3 talks in a local programming community, so I use the time to learn something new besides my projects.

And maybe go to the university and sit in some lectures that's roughly it, at least concerning programming, private and life goals left aside.

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Move on to phase three of my redevelopment plan (moving from game to full-stack web app development). More or less, finish a web app I'm working on, master several fundamental algorithms, experiment with different architecture styles, and continue my path toward becoming a jedi master.

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may the force be with you ;)

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May the source be with you!

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I'm into quatum computing since Microsoft has released their preview on Q# and Quatum Simulator. And the basics are quite challenging so by the end of next year I want to be able to program basic stuff on some qubits.

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sniff sniff! A Microsoft Fanboy. Are you?

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What makes you think that? I was just curious of the questioners opinion since I think MS is less pro Windows than ever before. They do more stuff for the other operating systems they never have done in the past. Just saying that doesn't makes me a fan boy :) (written on linux, youtube watching on mac (bc i'm at the kitchen table and have no extra screens), fixing bugs on windows apps on cluster WIN10 VM at work)

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Learning from my mistakes was something I set out to do in 2017. That usually means paying attention to code reviews and making sure I don't get the same comments over and over again. It did happen twice or thrice, but I have worked on it and can safely say that I'm better developer in 2017 December than I was in 2017 January.

I wanted to contribute to OSS as well in 2017, unfortunately that didn't happen, that being said, I did report quite a few bugs in a few projects I like and follow, which other developers fixed and it was awesome to my see my bug report fixes being released as a new release in the corresponding npm modules.

Coming to 2018, I hope I stick to what have I mind unlike those new year resolutions which I almost never adhere to. :D

These are the things I would like to do:

  1. Start a side project completely away from the JavaScript ecosystem, perhaps in one of those languages I've always wanted to explore (I am thinking LISP).
  2. Revisit OOP basics. I am rather out of touch with what I believe are core programming fundamentals. I would like to brush up on them.
  3. Become truly full stack, I still think of myself as a backend engineer. I would like to get out of that cocoon.
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1- Running 100 mile in 2018.

2- Read 50 books minimum.

last but not least "Add more comment in code" . :)

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I've been simplifying my stack this year, often building my own frameworks where the existing options were too bloated. Hope to mature these frameworks in 2018 and also unify my tools to only use Kotlin (in the frontend, backend, mobile and on desktop)

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Time to be selfish, right?

I obviously want my company to thrive and go higher and higher. We are on the right way now, so all we have to do is continue in the right direction, with the right business partners.

That said, I'd really like to finish my Matrix GLib SDK. But to get feature complete, I'd really like the spec be finished really soon, so I will take an active part from it.

I have another pet project, AstroGNOME. I abruptly stopped working on it, and it feels really bad. Although less important than Matrix stuff, I really hope I will have enough time for that, too.

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I'd like to move deeper into the backend. 2017 has been mishmash for me; I learned a bit of everything -- Elixir, Erlang, Golang, Python, Java -- and got nowhere. But I managed to learn Vue.js and put it into production for a client, which I'm proud of. In 2018, I plan to focus more on "real" backend development -- design patterns, algorithms and data structures, database optimizations, scalability . . . all those things.

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Blockchain and advance blockchain

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  • I did a challenge with a colleague that required us to commit something outside of work every single day of January. It helps keep hobby projects going, and also encourages breaking up problems and not being stuck on any one thing to long.
  • I plan to read 12 books, most of them related to software engineering (1 so far).
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I feel like my list of things to learn and achieve keep growing every year. The goals I've accomplished never really feel "done", and I always want to get better at them. Anyway.. here's my short list

  • Incorporate more story telling in my conference talks
  • Create more video content on programming
  • Engage more with local schools
  • Learn functional programming
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I intend maintaining my momentum from the last 8 months or so. My goals are to keep learning, shift to more practical learning, and develop a better grasp on my fundamentals so I don't find myself having completely forgotten how to write a working function!

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