So I've been having this issue where I have an activeUser prop when a user logs in. I use it to display the users information. I persist it with localStorage, and If I navigate around it works just fine, and when I refresh keeps the user info. The issues is when I refresh when I need to use the activeUser prop on the page. The props don't seem to load before it renders the page, and I get an error of undefined.

Been working on this for quite a while, but no love. It seems to be something with the hot reloading but I'm not 100% sure.

Any Help would be awesome!


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like @topey said i am using something like

componentDidMount() { if(!this.props.user) { //fetch or dispatch } }

Sounds like the prop is asynchronous? In that case I would usually put a check in your render method to exit early when this prop is not set then check it in the componentWillReceiveProps lifecycle event.

@topey So I tried putting an if else in there. and use componentWillReceiveProps to update state and but it doesn't seem in be firing.

And I get this.state.user is null when I refresh...

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