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React Gatsby Blog Template

React Gatsby Blog Template

Ray Boller's photo
Ray Boller
·Jun 25, 2019

React Gatsby Blog Template

StoryHub is a blog template powered by React & Gatsby JS. It’s completely functional static blog template. It’s very fast, optimized for quick render. SEO friendly, complete markdown format supported. You will able to host it into anywhere like GitHub, s3,, etc. It’s very easy to use, it provides better performance than WordPress. We created reusable react components and modern mono repo architecture, so you can build multiple apps with common components.

SuperProps React Next Landing Page Templates.png

StoryHub Creative Blog Template powered by Gatsby JS.

Build your blazing fast blog powered by React JS, Gatsby JS, and TypeScript. Fast in every way that matters.

Our Blog Demos Check out our latest demos to choose your next blogging platform template.

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Developed with React, Typescript a Gatsby JS. Boot your server-side rendering landing page in minutes.

Gatsby blog starter. All components are written in Typescript. Monorepo Supported with Lerna Configuration. Reusable components across different blog templates. Styled System and Style Components are used. Hosting & Deployment Getting your shiny new Gatsby site deployed within minutes

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Our Awesome Features Gatsby Js Gatsby: Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React for blazing fast websites. TS Typescript: All of our components of the template are written in typescript for our customers. Monorepo Support: We used Lerna for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages Instagram Feed: We have integrated Instagram feed with our blog templates to display Instagram posts SEO Friendly: GGatsby helps your site place better in search engines because Gatsby pages are server-rendered MailChimp Integration: Mailchimp Integration helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks. Built-in Components: We have provided a lot of useful built-in components to make it easy for customers. Disqus Integration: Disqus helps you to engage your audience and retain your readers in your blog. Fast performance: Optimized for smaller build size, faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements.

Out of Box Features Ready With Modern Blog Pages. MailChimp Integration Engage your audience with DISQUS. Instagram Feed Integration. Seo Friendly Blogs. Gatsby Hosting and Deployment.