React Tutorial using MERN stack


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it will be nice you introduce webpack and redux as well. Nice article and informative. Thanks a lot.

i learn about webpack from two resources, webpack website and after installing react app with the new create-react-app program created by facebook. try using this app and eject command . after this read the configuration file .

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With the new version of out, it would be great to have this tutorial updated to reflect the new updates. This asset is very helpful for the community, and one that I point many people to when I'm evangelizing about the project.

Thanks for all you do!

Hi @somu, did the MERN v2.0 tutorial ever get released? Thanks!

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Thank you a million for this tutorial! It is comprehensive, well-written, and well-structured.

It has so much useful information that I think it is more than enough to serve a one-term MERN course.

Thanks again :)

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Thank you so much for this tutorial! It is quite possibly one of the best tutorials I have ever followed. Loved the way you encourage readers to read-write-ruminate, a great learning exercise. This has taught me a lot and I'm now ready to work on my own apps in MERN - thanks for taking the time to write this, much appreciated!

One recommendation I might suggest is including Mongoose to build Schemas to keep the data nice and clean, and prevent errors in database entries. Could be a good tip for people under Section 12 - Onward.

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Thanks again for the tutorial, here is the code of my version up to section 11.

It is written in ECMAScript2015 with Airbnb's ESLint config, and uses Webpack instead of gulp + browserify. It may help people someone :)

Forgot to mention the use of mongoose indeed ;)

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