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Red light issue on Linksys device? How and what to do to fix the red light issue?

How To Setup My Linksys Wifi Extender

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Zoe stephen
·Jan 23, 2022·

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All Linksys Wi-Fi devices have LED lights on them which help you to find out the status of your network and connection. Now all these LED light have a specific reason for blinking some tell you about the network status, some tell you about the Wi-Fi status, some tells you about deep Internet status, some tells you about the DSL connection and many more but very often you might see the red LED light on your Linksys device. Now it is very important to understand whenever a search issue comes up what to do.?

Troubleshooting to resolve the red light issue on your Linksys device

As we have already explained to you above that every LED light has a specific meaning for it and whenever your Linksys device has an issue for any specific reason dot LED light will turn in red. If any light turns red the common issue that you will face is you won’t be able to access the Internet. No, there can be several reasons that you are facing this red light issue and your Internet is not working. It could be because of a power surge in your area, no Internet supply from your Internet service provider, a thunderstorm in your area, and many more. But, a very important thing is to diagnose the right reason for that because if you will not diagnose it properly then sometimes this issue might take your whole day or more. The troubleshooting to fix the red light issue on your Linksys extender setup or your Linksys router setup is the same. So, we will mention all the important things that you can check

Compatibility check: before you start the Linksys extender setup or any type of setup compatibility matters a lot compatibility off your extender with router and router with modem all matters a lot if you want in a stable Internet connection which can satisfy you then, it is very crucial before you set up you should always check that these devices are compatible with each other Checking the cable connection: checking the wired connection, you forget that but it is important so whenever you do Linksys extender setup or Linksys router setup make sure your Ethernet wire should not be faulty/ loose or a ribbed wire. One simple step can cause failure to your setup. It is usually the major reason in most the case where you see the red light on your Linksys device Checking power issues: providing a proper power supply to your Linksys extender or your Linksys router is very basic; without power a device cannot work. So always check the place where you have plugged in the adapter and have an active electrical supply and sometimes try changing the power source if you still face a problem. We recommend you to recheck your adapter, as well as sometimes a faulty adapter, can also cause a problem. It can also indicate the red light on your Linksys device

Note: After trying all the steps that we mentioned above if you haven’t got any success to fix your Linksys red light issue don’t worry there are many more reasons for that and today we will help you with some other tips and tricks so let’s begin them

Important steps to resolve the red light issue on your Linksys device – how to resolve the red light issue on my Linksys device?

First try restarting your Linksys device right way of doing that is, to unplug your Linksys device from the power source wait for 60sec after this just re-plug your Linksys ( https://extender.linksys.com )device to the power source and it will restart or reboot your device this is a very simple and basic step but in many cases, this step can resolve a lot of your issues so we recommend you to do this basic step which is very important whenever you have the red light issue. Try connecting your devices with a wired connection, sometimes the Wi-Fi connection might have some issues with it or the Wi-Fi feature on your device is not functioning properly. In such cases we recommend you to connect your router with the extender and your modem with the router using a wired connection. By trying this it can fix your red light issue on your Linksys device If you have tried both the options that we have explained above then we recommend you to reset your device to factory setting. In some devices, you have the reset button on the device itself. But on some devices, you might have to go to the web login page and then reset your device from there to the factory setting. In some devices, you might see a pinhole on the device two press the button inside the pinhole. We recommend you to use a paper clip or a pin for that. After doing a reset problem not fixed? If your problem persists after trying all these steps above, we recommend that this is the right time to contact your Internet service provider and just double-check with them if they are running on any Internet technical issue from their side or they might be maintaining their servers. Issues from your Internet service provider’s end can also give you the red light on your Linksys device.

Remark: if all of these steps that we have recommended to you above can’t fix your red light issue on your device feel free to contact Linksys Technical Support. And anywhere if you cannot understand something about your device or some things that we have explained in these steps above you can also take the reference from the user manual that came along with the Linksys device

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