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Reverse Image Search Twitter Bot

Photo by Daniel Lerman on Unsplash

Reverse Image Search Twitter Bot

How I implemented a feature that I badly missed in Twitter.

Selva Prakash's photo
Selva Prakash
·Apr 17, 2022·

2 min read

I'm an avid twitter user. I think it is a great place where great people share their knowledge and perspectives. I learned a lot from Twitter about startups, software, self-improvement etc.

It is also a place where I could see misinformation is easily spread. There are many reported incidents of images being shared with wrong context leading to violence in the real world.

I thought I could do something about it. I had an idea like why not do reverse image search in twitter itself using a Bot. I started to learn how to create twitter bots from this YouTube video by CS Dojo. Another thing that I had to learn was how to do the actual reverse search. Google Vision API helped me with that. So, I learned how to get that working. I used replit to host my code.

So finally came this Twitter Bot. It is being followed by more than 800 users. I believe there is lot of scope for growth. I've also created a web page with the same name. I intend to do bots in other social media platforms as well. I believe image search should be available in all social media platforms directly as we get the images there and it make sense to search for further info on the images from right where we got them.

It is not only used from a misinformation perspective, but also to know more details about the images. For example, many profiles share interesting images of History, Art, technology etc. I see users using SearchThisImage to get to know more about the image as such.