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SEO Strategies for Dating Niche That Really Work in 2021

Anastasiia Newlin's photo
Anastasiia Newlin
·Dec 20, 2021·

3 min read

SEO strategies are constantly changing to match the search engine updates that seem to roll out at the most inconvenient times. These updates impact every niche differently, and the dating niche is no different. Knowing the SEO strategies that work best for this niche are unique, and we’re going to cover some of the strategies you can implement to get your site to rank higher!

Mobile-Friendly Site Version for All Local Sites

The most significant strategy for the dating niche is to think about mobile traffic. A lot of people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices to access your site instead of desktops. An effective tendermeets that emphasizes connections between geographically similar people will have a mobile version of the site that looks and works great on the phone. The best sites will fit the mobile screen, load pages quickly, have effortless scrolling, and allow for successful interfacing with search features and typing on the website. That way, the dating service is easy to access, no matter the size of the screen the user has. Every major SEO update has promoted sites with mobile-friendly designs.


Voice searching on websites is another tool that is receiving a lot of attention from SEO updates. The reason is that voice searches increase the site’s accessibility for people with disabilities. Being that more dating services are being geared towards older people and disabled people, voice searching makes sense. Someone with arthritis can easily navigate the site with such a tool .

Prepare Quality Content

One element of the dating niche that is similar to others in terms of SEO is the need to put out quality content on the site. Every dating site needs to have readable descriptions and contracts, a blog with useful, actionable articles, and helpful diagrams. The content on the site can’t be copied or unoriginal; the more authority your website garners, the higher it will rank in the future.


A major element of SEO that dating services need to take into consideration is their backlinks. You need to build a website that others will want to link to because you have such authority on your topic or provide such a high-quality service. You should also be on the lookout for valuable partners to link to for yourself. When authoritative sites backlink to other authoritative sites, the SEO ranking of both can improve!

Focus on Page Load Speed

Most people only spend a few seconds on a website before determining if it’s worth their time or not. If the page speed is low, the bounce rate will be high. That means a viewer will visit a single page on the site and then leave, and many of them will not return. You need to create a site with a fast page load speed, the amount of time it takes for a page to load completely. That way, customers can engage quickly with the content and feel confident enough to click on other pages and perhaps begin their online dating journey. If your page speed is low, your SEO ranking will drop along with your customers’ interest.


Building a successful dating site is a lot of work. One of the most difficult tasks facing sites in this niche is achieving a high SEO ranking. These tips that we have provided throughout this article will help increase your SEO standing, giving you a fighting chance to secure great customers. If you find that you’re unable to perform these changes on your own, seeking a third-party SEO specialist to help you can be just the thing you need to get to the next level.