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SOC in ReactJS designer-developer workflow

SOC in ReactJS designer-developer workflow

Ajar's photo
·Jan 9, 2016

Hi all, Would love to hear your thoughts about separation of concerns with using React. I recently set down with a client who considered using react in their workflow. The company has a team of Node.js developers and they use handlebars. I pitched the idea of isomorphic react enjoying server-side templating for SEO and faster initial loading time while also rendering on the client with a better data flow and performance.

Their main concern was dealing with the team in charge of design, css and html. They are looking for a way to interface with htmlists allowing them to focus on their CSS and not forcing them to learn react as they want to deal with the architecture logic. It seems like there is some what of an overlapping.

Assume the designer does html markup and css and they need to interface with a front-end JS developer to turn it into React components, add logic, most probably Redux etc...

Assume the designer WILL make changes to the markup and CSS and we need to have a workflow that will be able to introduce changes easily. Can you share similar thoughts or situations?