SQL installation on fedora 29

I need some help in installing Oracle SQL or MS SQL on my fedora. Can anyone help me with it?

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why those two not postgres?

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Dilip Saga and it's fedora desktop ? or is it on your server? (with gui / no gui) esp on fedora / centOS / redhat there should be some installation guides. it's yum based


this for example would be the current tutorial oracle themselves have a guide


if that doesn't help :) could ask more specifically? are you new to linux? there are a lot of information missing to be able to really help :)

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Thank you very much on it.. Yes I am new to linux. I use Fedora on my laptop.

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you can install MSSQL on Linux and on Windows. Solution would be to install Windows as a virtual machine and use the ODBC driver(helps you connect to MSSQL programmatically) which you found and use in Linux.