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Team/Organization Blogs: Giving access to multiple authors, and posting as an individual author for a team blog

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Derek Ardolf
·Oct 27, 2021·

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It seems difficult to search existing feature requests. I found this old post, by Osinachi Chukwujama which hinted at it being in the works:

Can I have multiple authors on my devblog?

With this response from Sandeep Panda:

You need to create a 'Team Blog' for that. It's is in limited preview right now. Could you DM me your use case so that I can grant you access?

This was back in January, 2020. There have been no further responses.

Is this now a feature, or still in the works? I'm expecting similar functionality to dev.to Organizations, where it is a standalone blog that grants access to other authors to post on it. This allows it to be segmented away from a personal blog.