Tell Me The Question You HATED The Most During a Job Interview

What is the most HATED question you have received during a Job Interview?

Let's go!


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Once upon a time, I was asked to do the worst "test" ever...

I was supposed to write a story about the founding of the company I was applying to. Plot twist - the founders were supposed to be described as superheroes. I guess they wanted to test my creativity or sth.

I found it to be utterly aimless - a test for the sake of testing, so I refused. They were very surprised.

Another one was - How come you want to work in marketing but don't want to do Google Ads?

I nicely explained that I was into content creation and curation, my personal goals as well as beliefs that Google Ads don't perform well in certain areas, yadda yadda, but they were utterly unpleasant towards me after my comments. Basically, my potential manager was trying to show how their knowledge of marketing was superior to mine. Also, this signaled that they couldn't accept the opinions of other people. Guess what, they were spending loads of money on ads, with little success 🤣Also, I realized that the position would put me in a role I just didn't want.

So I just called the whole thing off.

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Once upon a time, there were 2 superheroes that offered to make a stupid test to a talented content creator. She declined.

The superheroes got defeated and closed their company.


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I hate when the person contact me on linkedin to talk about the job offer and insist to make hr interview with you then asked you why you apply for this job and want to change? I'm like are you kidding me man?? are you serious?

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Ahahah, 1000 times yes to this!

Some recruiters should just change jobs...

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I think they have a list of questions whatever the situation they ask them 😂😂😂😂Domenico Solazzo

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Intend on having children soon?

It was asked to my wife in a tech interview. 🤦‍♂️

The question has nothing to with the job profile. However, it said many things about the company. Especially, their discrimination againt pregnant women employees.

She rejected the job.

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This is not the first time that I hear such a 'horror' story.

She did good rejecting the job: being a mum is such an important moment in a woman's life! More important than any job out there.


Do you have any family relation Already working in our company??

It was embarrassing. The firm has observed that relations quit work at the same time. They're trying to prevent mass resignation as family members tend to move in a pack.

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Javascript OOPs concepts. Tell me where you have used OOPs in your project and why?

Whenever I started giving an answer they go deep and deep and deep.....

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"So are you looking for an internship or what exactly?"

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"Can you lower your price so that we can come to an agreement?" -