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Termite Terminal overview. Advanced Serial Terminal Software

Termite Terminal overview. Advanced Serial Terminal Software

Garry Tribure's photo
Garry Tribure
·May 29, 2020

In this article we will look at what a serial terminal is and its uses. We are going to look at two Windows terminal programs and show you why one is the preferred solution when you need a serial terminal for Windows.


Termite terminal for Windows

Termite is an easy to install serial terminal program that runs on the Windows operating system. It features an easy to use interface that is comparable to a chat screen to display data and accept input from the user. This ‘as is’ software is free for personal and commercial use at the user’s own risk. You can use the Termite terminal as an installed application or from a read-only device.


Termite terminal emulator has a number of features:

  • A simple, user-friendly interface;
  • Displays all received data in its reception window and allows for strings to be transmitted on its edit line;
  • Configuration changes such as pointing at a different COM port are easily made from the interface by selecting the ’Settings” button;
  • Plug-in interface which allows for sending data to files, alternate data views, the addition of toolbars, and extended functionality to the application. It is open source so you can create your own plug-ins;
  • Command history enables the user to retrieve repetitive commands and resubmit them easily.

The overall assessment of this software is that it will work if you need the basic functionality of a serial terminal. The ability to run without requiring installation may be important for your particular situation.


  • Though the software is copyrighted, it is free to use
  • Can be run from read-only media with no installation and pre-configured settings
  • Plug-in filters available to extend the tool’s functionality


  • Can only support one serial port at a time
  • Lack of technical support as it is freeware

Advanced Serial Port Terminal program - Serial Port Monitor

It has many advanced features that set it apart from other terminal programs. Here are some of the highlights of Serial Port Monitor .

  • The application gives you the ability to connect to ports that are already open by another program. You can also monitor multiple serial ports and devices in a single monitoring session, with all data logged in a first-in-first-out basis for more readable analysis.
  • Easily save your data to the clipboard or redirect it to a file for later analysis. Data can be split into multiple files and you can define a file-size to control space usage. You can also save your monitoring sessions to be reloaded at a later time.
  • The tool offers multiple data views as you can display your data in table, line, dump or terminal mode. Monitoring filters let you concentrate on the data that is important to you, and you can apply specific capture options during a monitoring session.
  • Emulate sending data to a device in various formats to monitor the reaction of the desired device.
  • Serial Port Monitor has a unique playback feature that allows the resending of the exact same data to achieve more precise monitoring results. An automatic comparison can be initiated which will show you the differences between sessions.
  • This serial terminal emulator fully supports the Modbus protocols.
  • Customizable logging of monitoring sessions with different timestamp formats and notation scale.
  • User-friendly interface that allows users with no programming experience to access their system’s serial ports. You can export sessions in a number of formats, including HTML, ASCII, and CSV.


  • Professional software tool with technical support and updates
  • Monitor multiple ports and devices simultaneously
  • Multiple data views make it easier to conduct analysis


  • The cost associated with a paid application
  • Needs to be installed in order to be used

What is Serial Terminal software?

Serial Terminal programs are applications that facilitate working with serial devices and RS232/RS422/RS485 ports on your computer. Essentially, they are meant to emulate the physical terminals that were in use in the early days of computing technology. Primarily consisting of a keyboard and a screen, these terminals were used to interact with computers by letting a user enter commands and display data returned from the machine. Using a serial port terminal enables you to see the data that is being sent between your computer’s serial ports and the serially attached peripheral devices it is accessing. The data exchanged is usually displayed in some form of text.

What is an RS232 terminal used for?

There are a variety of reasons that one would want to use an RS232 terminal. Software engineers who are developing serial software or drivers, as well as those working with serial devices, will benefit from using serial terminal software. It allows the display and capture of serial data transmission that is critical in software development and debugging. Other uses include assisting in communication testing scenarios, calibrating and monitoring industrial automation sensors, and serial data monitoring and analysis. Any situation that needs to check on the performance of serial devices or ports will benefit from the use of a good serial terminal emulator. The advanced features offered by Serial Port Monitor make it the best terminal program for Windows. The ability to monitor multiple ports and devices at the same time will make the task of developing and debugging serial applications easier. Combined with the options for viewing and exporting data in multiple formats, this application is an essential tool for those working with serial devices and applications. The developers at Eltima provide regular updates to maintain the software and have produced a top-notch serial terminal emulator.