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Time Management Tips for Developers

Precious Ayangbenro's photo
Precious Ayangbenro
·Aug 11, 2020·

5 min read

A developer is an individual or a programmer who is responsible for creating or working on the development of a product or service. Most developers make use of one or more programming languages to develop their products. Developers can either work on their own or in teams.

Tips for Maximum Time Optimization for Developers

Many developers find themselves unable to focus on any other thing except for programming; the following are some tips to manage your time as a developer:

1. Map out your tasks: Creating an outline of your tasks is very helpful, especially when it is done at the start of your day. It helps you to be time conscious and not waste time on one task and also relieves you of the mental stress of trying to remember the things you set out to do. It is advisable to get yourself a diary or a small book in which you can make your to-do list for each day. Cross tasks off your list on completion.

2. Break your tasks into smaller bits, but with a set time: As a developer, you are sure to have a task containing multiple tasks in it. Breaking your tasks into smaller bits or sections with time limits for each bit helps you to work faster as you do not have to complete the task at a stretch.

3. Find a routine that works for you: Finding a routine which helps you balance your work life, social life, and personal life is the best. It will ensure you have enough time allocated to each area of your life.

4. Identify your distractions: As a person, you are likely to have notifications popping up on your screen from time to time from your social media accounts like emails, Facebook and the likes. A notification that popped up in two seconds can easily make you lose focus on a product or service you are working on. To avoid this, you can mute notifications for the period you are working to avoid distractions.. For more information on how to better manage distractions; visit .

5. Time tracker: Another way to optimize your time is to track your time. It involves setting a particular time limit for each task you set out to do and also putting time for you to rest at intervals. You can do this by setting alarms or reminders, but there are also apps which help to track your time. You can check out the Goodtime app for androids, and there is also Pomodoro.

6. Write readable codes: Developers are mostly team workers; therefore, writing readable codes when working with a team can help save you precious time. You will not have to be pointing out things to your team members as opposed to writing codes that are only clear to you and not to every other person.

7. Set priorities but be realistic: It is a good thing to set goals and work towards the goal, but don't overestimate what you can do. Set goals with your capabilities in mind to avoid disappointment.

8. Expect surprises: Anything can happen along the line when you're coding, you can be faced with bugs. Even as a team member, changes can crop up anytime on a particular project your team is working on; therefore, be prepared to change your line of code if required.

9. Avoid procrastination: It is common knowledge that procrastination is a thief of time. It is easy to procrastinate, but hard to break out of the habit. To avoid procrastination; try mapping out your tasks and creating a routine, and you can add a reward for yourself at the end. The thought of the reward will be a motivation for you to see your tasks through to the end during the specified time.

10. Create time for relaxation, and give yourself a treat: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Try and take time off from programming, this will help your mind to relax and refresh and possibly you might be able to even figure out why a particular line of code is not working and voilà, you have been able to relax as well as figure something out. Also when you have achieved a goal, you can give yourself a treat like binging on your favourite TV show or eating something sweet.

11. Sleep: The importance of sleep can not be overemphasized. Every human needs to sleep, including programmers. You might have a huge task for you to complete but still make time to catch some shut-eye. When you go on hours and some days writing codes without sleeping, your health is at risk. Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health and the progress of your task. When you sleep, you allow your brain to rest from constant processing and allow yourself to think clearly and focus on the task at hand the next day. So if you are in the habit of not sleeping regularly for at least 6 hours a day, try to remedy that.

12. Join tech communities: No man is an island of knowledge; you can get stuck at a point while coding, joining communities of developers can help you move faster on your task as you will be able to get guidance and advice from other experienced developers in the community.

13. Give your work out to colleagues for review: As soon as you are done with a task( like developing a website or a game), let your colleagues in on it and let them check it out and give you feedback of what they think of the site. Doing this allows you to save time wondering if you were able to achieve the aim for performing a task and you can move on to your next task.

You can try implementing some of the tips aforementioned and you'll be surprised as to how this tips can help you save quality time.

Written by: Olawumi